5 Ways To Ground, Relax, Calm Yourself + Sleep Better

As a self-proclaimed Nap Queen, I am proud to say sleeping is my superpower. I can fall asleep in the light, in the dark, standing up, sitting down, on a bus, on a boat! You name it! I LOVE sleep. Sleep is an important part of life. Quality sleep gives your sympathetic nervous system a chance to chill out, strengthens your immune system, lowers your stress hormones, + so much more.

Luckily, you can teach yourself how to slow down, turn the world off, + rest easy. It’s a skill that takes practice to perfect but you can do it!

Here are my top 5 tips to ground, relax + calm yourself so you can sleep better [or take better naps ; )] —

When you get ready for bed, put on clothes particularly made for sleeping. Soft, cozy, cool fabrics — whatever makes you feel like you are floating in a cloud! If you want to splurge, my favorite sleepwear brand is Lunya Co, which is super chic! Eberjay is a lovely, higher-end brand too. A cute, more reasonable option is Target — always. You can’t go wrong there. Fun fact: I ask for sleepwear for my birthday or Christmas because it’s an easy gift for friends + family to find! I usually end up with a BUNCH of cat pajamas… try it!

The point of dressing the part is to seduce yourself into the art of sleeping. Just like you get ready to go out for a nice dinner, get ready to go to bed like it’s an event! It’ll help you get in the mood.

I’ve slowly become an essential oil addict. They’re such an easy way to put your mind at ease instantly! Find a scent that you love + use it right before bed. Place it on your wrists + the center or your chest to help calm + relax you. Lavender is a great scent to start with, or try a pre-made essential oil blend with lavender + other calming scents in it. I’m not loyal to any particular brand, the most popular ones are Doterra + Young Living. I’ve used both + I like them both! You can also try Aura Cacia (sold at Whole Foods) or Plant Therapy. I have the Relax blend from Plant Therapy + I use it almost everyday. It also lasts forever!

This one’s the hardest, but the most effective. It’s so simple + so powerful. Screen time before bed makes it harder for you to sleep, you’ve heard this advice as often as the latest Sam Smith song. It’s just a matter of self-control. Stop using the excuse that you need to use your phone as an alarm + buy a cheap old school alarm to wake you up! They’re $5. Charge your phone in another room at night so you won’t be tempted. Done + done! You got this.

In Ayurveda, there’s a practice called Marma Therapy. It’s like doing  acupuncture on yourself without the needles + instead applying manual pressure with your hands. There is a special Marma Point on your foot when massaged helps ground you. Try massaging this point while you sit in bed right before you lay down. Image of point: https://goo.gl/images/P952aK

Have you heard of Yoga Nidra? It translates to Yogic Sleep. It’s a simple guided meditation practice that you do while lying down in savasana…aka you can do it while laying in bed! There are some great free guided audio Yoga Nidra practices available online + various apps. My favorite app is Insight Timer — there are so many Yoga Nidra meditations on there. I personally have a guided breathing meditation on Insight Timer you can check out as well!

Relaxation is a skill you can learn + perfect. All it takes is a little patience + self-compassion. Be easy on yourself as you experiment with these 5 evening practices!

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