Bullet Journaling: Planning Made Personal

It seems like everything these days is digital in one way or another, but one “old school” practice that seems to stay rooted in pen + paper techniques is the art of journaling + keeping a planner.

Whether it’s a Passion Planner, Happiness Planner, a blank journal, or one of the many other brands out there, the act of physically writing down what you want to say is undeniably therapeutic. You can read more about the benefits of journaling or why keeping a planner can help you stay motivated throughout the year.


Planners are formatted generically + it can be difficult to find one that fits the lifestyle of any one specific person. That’s where Bullet Journaling comes in! Bullet Journaling offers the idea that a journal can be 100% customized to meet a specific individual’s needs. All of these choices can be overwhelming at first, so, But, if you feel lost, try using one of the outlines created to help get your first Bullet Journal organized!

#1] Rapid Logging = Short + sweet lists!


  • Topics + page numbers
  • Bulleted lists
  • A list of tasks to be completed
  • A list of upcoming events
  • Any other noteworthy reminders

#2] Modules: More detailed organization!


  • Index = a list of sections or categories that your BuJo is organized by + their page numbers
  • The Future Log = events organized by month
  • The Monthly Log = a full page dedicated to each date of the month, indicating any upcoming events
  • The Daily Log = daily to do lists

Each of these outlines suggests quick + concise entries. The beauty of a Bullet Journal [or BuJo ; )] is if these outlines don’t work for you, no one is stopping you from creating your own!

A friend of mine recently designed a BuJo for me + it meets every single requirement I have when looking for a planner. Mine includes monthly calendars, a section for each day of the month [organized hourly] + a section for my weekly goals + expenses. Check out other examples of personalized BuJos here!


For those who prefer to use their BuJo for journaling instead of planning, definitely follow the rapid logging structure! Once you have written about an event you attended [or plan to attend], use the next page to write a detailed entry about what the event was, how it made you feel + anything else you want to add about that day.

For CHAARG girls, summer is synonymous with #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP + keeping a BuJo throughout this FitPlan can enhance your experience + help you track your progress//journey. Here is my suggestion for keeping a #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP inspired BuJo:  

#1] Start with your goals: Dedicate the first page [or two!] to your goals + what you hope to achieve throughout bootycamp. This doesn’t necessarily have to be only about weight loss or muscle gain, think of your mental health or the PRs that you want to crush!

#2] Begin in June: CHAARG Bootycamp begins on June 18 + ends on July 27. Start your BuJo in June + plan it out at least through July. If you find you like this format, add in the rest of the months through fall semester to carry over into the school year!

#3] Use monthly dividers: Dedicate two pages between months to being dividers. On one of the pages, write the month [get creative! My month dividers have watercolor paints on them, but you can doodle, write quotes, or paste photos onto this page!]. Use the second page as a calendar spread. Use this calendar for major events [birthdays, deadlines, vacations, etc.]

#4] The daily log: Create a daily log to plan out your days! Write the date at the top of the page + include the workout for that day [for example, if Monday is always arm day, title the page “Monday June 18: Arms”]. Organize your day hourly so you can cut out a specific time for your workout to hold yourself accountable + keep track of all of your other daily obligations as well. Leave yourself a few pages in between each days to reflect on that day’s workout or just your day in general. At the end of the FitPlan you can read back + reflect on your progress!

Starting a BuJo only requires a pen + a notebook. Choose a book that is sturdy + will keep up with you as you embark on your busy schedule! I recommend getting colored pens + color-coding your days. Find more BuJo ideas here! Be sure to take photos of your BuJo spreads + share them on your inCHAARG instas!

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