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We’ve all been there. Winter weather gym closures, summer vacations, lazy days – one thing or another keeps you out of the gym. That means no equipment – no treadmills, no weights, no machines. So how do you get in a good workout? By using what you got of course! Some people stay away from bodyweight workouts because they don’t know where to start, or because they find them too boring. While I love weights as much as the next CHAARG girl, I can tell you that bodyweight workouts can be just as intense + more convenient!

You can find TONS of bodyweight workouts online, BUT I honestly think that using these pre-written plans is what sabotages many of us. We try out a new one, get halfway through + lose focus. Or realize we don’t know what the heck a *divebomber* is. Or find out that we actually hate literally all of the exercises on the list. The great thing about bodyweight workouts is that it’s SUPER easy to design your own that you’re more likely to stick with.

Start with the set up. Do you like timed intervals? Tabata? Reps? Rounds? Take your favorite workout type + use that to build your own. If you liked timed rounds, decide how long you want each round to be – depending on the difficulty of the exercise, I would recommend 50/10 or 30/10 [50 seconds work + 10 seconds rest]. When building a timed workout, don’t forget to think about how long you want the workout to be! If you like workouts that use rounds of reps, pick your exercises first then choose a rep count [generally somewhere between 10-20]. Supersets, burnouts, + dynamic moves that include a variety of muscles are also great to include in the structure of your workout.

Then come the exercises. A lot of us get stuck with the same old bodyweight moves + we get bored – a girl can only do so many standard pushups. Looking up different variations of standard moves can help you get over that slump + even work those muscles in a different way! This is also the time to decide what areas of the body you want to focus on. Do you want to blast your lower body? Or maybe just get in a quick total body workout? Whatever the case, pick moves that will highlight those areas.

Once you have your workout set, it’s time to test it out! If you get through your workout relatively easily, maybe up the reps or add another round. I usually go on how I feel. My workouts are typically circuits with set reps — so if I finish the circuit + feel like I can do more, I’ll go again! Bodyweight workouts are great because they can be done just about anywhere + you don’t really need anything more than a pen + paper! I would say try + build workouts that include 8-12 different exercises, depending on difficulty. Another good tip is to use your surroundings! Jump ropes, benches, + stairs are all great things to spice up body weight workouts when available.

Here’s a quick list of body weight moves for you to check out!





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Now that you have all the tools you need to create your own bodyweight workout, try it out – the world is your gym ; ) ++ we’d love to see what you come up with on insta! Who knows, we might feature it on the blog!

Try one of our fav bodyweight workouts: Spring Bodyweight Superset! 


+ Alexa, RD [@lexx_inchaarg], VirtCHAARG from Cincy

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