CHAARG Journey Stories highlight our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, + emotionally. Brooke ((@brookeruns_inchaarg)) is one of the three winners of the CHAARG Bootycamp! <3 Read Brooke’s entire CHAARG Journey Story below + her Q + A with us post-FitPlan!


After taking the FitTest, I felt very self-conscious because I saw other CHAARG girls post theirs + mine wasn’t even close to their scores. Instead of getting upset + negative, I decided to change my mindset + see this as an opportunity to push myself to do better for the post-FitPlan FitTest I don’t have a lot of experience in the gym + always feel lost in it. I decided to do the CHAARG Bootycamp to gain confidence in the gym + get more muscle.

I made three goals for myself for the summer: #1] complete every workout #2] run twice a week + #3] do yoga every Sunday. On the first day of #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP, I read the workout + became so intimidated because I didn’t know any of the exercises. I took it slow + did every single move ((even when I didn’t want to)). I later made it a rule for myself to not read the workout before I got up + got ready.

By week three, I only had to watch the YouTube tutorials a couple of times. I was slowly getting more confidence + even bought a pair of shorts to workout in ((which I had never done before)). By mid-July I could tell my legs were getting more muscle + for the first time in a long time, I wanted to show them off! I bought a pair of jean shorts for myself as a present + I feel so great in them. I also bought tank tops because I loved how my arms were starting to lose fat + gain muscle. I was so proud of my progress so I treated myself to a tank top + felt great wearing it! I used to always workout in leggings + short sleeve shirts because I didn’t like how my arms + legs looked. CHAARG Bootycamp taught me to love my body + be confident in all the hard work you put into it.

I finished the FitPlan strong + did every Monday, Wednesday, + Friday workout at 6AM! I had so much progress to be proud of in my post-FitPlan FitTest. I cannot wait to continue pushing myself + gain more muscle. I saved my favorite workouts + will certainly be using them during the weeks!


What inspires + motivates you? Achieving my goals is such a great motivator every morning when I wake up. I set three goals to achieve by the end of the day when I wake up. They may be something simple like, “drink 8 cups of water” or they may be more challenging like, “get 10,000 steps in today.” I used to set really unrealistic goals for myself + would beat myself up when I didn’t achieve them. CHAARG Bootycamp taught me how to set realistic goals for myself + how to achieve them. In the beginning of the FitPlan, I set a goal to hold a plank for longer than one minute. Little by little, I worked my way up by setting smaller daily goals for myself. By the end of the FitPlan, I was able to do a 1 min 30 second plank. That proud feeling in myself is what inspires + motivates me.

What did self-care look like to you before the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP? I did not know how to properly care for my body + I honestly didn’t care. I used to eat whatever I wanted + I worked out maybe three times each week. It was super unhealthy + I was constantly tired + lazy. I learned a lot about self-care through this FitPlan. I was super lucky to have a workout sent to my phone every morning + a Registered Dietician sending out a meal plan with delicious food. It felt great to do something that was improving my mental + physical health. I found a lot of recipes that not only tasted good but made me feel energized. My body thanked me after each workout + meal during the FitPlan.

What was your favorite aspect of the FitPlan + why? My favorite part of the FitPlan was that every morning a new workout came to my phone. I used to hate going to the gym because I had no idea what to do + was unsure of which machines worked out a specific muscle. It was complicated + I was not confident in going. The FitPlan workouts came to my phone + they were so easy to understand + it relieved a lot of pressure off of me trying to figure out which workout was using my bicep. Each workout came with modifications to turn it down or turn it up. As a beginner, I thought some of the planks + jump roping workouts were challenging + I needed an easier way to do those workouts. By the end, I was challenging myself to turn it up + it made it really fun to see my progress.

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