5 Boss Babes + Brands Leading the Body Positivity Movement

Self-love is the path to mental-wellness, empowerment, joy + creativity. Although it builds from within, feeling comfortable in our own skin // clothes to start with doesn’t hurt! The fashion industry is finally giving control back to the *consumer* [us!] + acknowledging the fact that powerful women come in all shapes, sizes, + shades. The body-inclusivity movement has been the driving force pushing brands to make this change, but Rihanna is claiming the throne as Queen of this movement after dropping her insanely body-inclusive fashion//beauty lines. Hence, The Rihanna Effect, which has led to several other boss babe fashionistas making a difference in our shopping experience.


Rihanna is a sexy//empowered inspiration to us all for blowing the norm of the makeup//lingerie industries out of the water. @BadGalRiRi has already proven with her Fenty Beauty line that inclusivity *sells.* The Fenty 40 boasts forty unique shades of foundation + reportedly made $72 million in sales during the first month alone, ++ now makeup brands are scrambling to match this unprecedented variety. Now she’s expanded her brand to include lingerie [how has this not happened already?] with the collaborative Savage x Fenty line including sizes XS-3X in undies ++ 32A-44DD  bras.! Rihanna is making sure every girl feels sexy//empowered in her lipstick//lingerie.


Born on the dream of only wearing sweatpants, Amy Schumer has partnered with her long-time stylist Leesa Evans to create a clothing line that is size-inclusive, able to be worn in both casual//professional setting, ++ is both stylish//comfortable as a cloud. Before she puts anything on, Schumer is always asking, “Does it feel like a cloud?” Schumer is passionate about seeing to that every woman can be authentic + feel empowered//comfortable in her clothing with Le Cloud.

In an effort to make the line more affordable//wearable for women of all shapes//sizes, Schumer plans on using friends [rather than hiring models] to model all the clothing. She also is committed to donating 30% of the net proceeds from Le Cloud to Stylefund, a charity that uses clothing to help build the confidence of women who are re-entering the workforce, have been in the military, or were recently incarcerated. Now that’s a #BossBabe.


Now more than ever before women are embracing their bodies, confidence, and individual beauty. This brand of lingerie is inspired by what makes women *sexy* today — smart, healthy, active, ++ outgoing. LIVELY is establishing an entirely new category of lingerie, a hybrid between lingerie and activewear, and calling it Leisuree. Inspired by women with wild hearts + boss brains [who’d rather be wearing nothing at all!], these bras//undies combine elements of high-style + comfort. Now THAT’S something CHAARG can get behind ; ).


These boss babes teamed up with the goal of redefining the standard of fashion. They wanted a size 26 to be able to shop the same as a 6, so they took size out of the equation, leaving style as a women’s only shopping filter. Their obsession over quality//fit now allows women to shop with *fashion freedom!*

A really cool perk of Universal Standard [besides ranging from size 00-40!] is their *Fit Liberty* guarantee that if an item of clothing no longer fits within a year of purchase due to size fluctuation, they’ll replace it with the new size — for free! Such a game-changer. Waldman says the size-inclusivity movement could even “herald the end of ‘plus-size’ as a separate category.” Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

The Body-Inclusivity Movement is working its magic on the world to fully embrace our bodies, inspiring one girl at a time! If you get the opportunity to try out any of these inclusive brands, definitely share a short review with us on your CHAARG Instagram!

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