During week one, we’re diving deeper into what body positivity means + reflecting on our intentions for the challenge.

This journey is just gettin’ started, here’s what to expect during week one…

1] Dive deeper into what body positivity means

2] Get into the mindset for your self-love to thrive

3] Journal + reflect on your intentions for this challenge


you are the source of your own healing

peeling off

the layers

Love your body — it’s the only one you’ve got


Have you ever considered writing a “love letter” to yourself?

Hear about Kristine’s experience + find inspo on how to write your own here!

The #1 Way to Practice Loving Yourself

that Costs No Time + Zero Money

Stop Using Social Media as a

Highlight Reel


We’re walking you through the steps of writing to your highest self — sharing how to begin + what insights it will bring you.


3 Processes to manifest your dreams + desires

Begin manifesting everything you want to achieve during this challenge!


“To me, self-love is all about accepting who you are in this very moment. It’s about showing compassion towards yourself + celebrating who you are inside ++ out! My favorite way of practicing self-love is DANCING! Dancing in the shower, dancing in the kitchen, dancing at a party! Or my personal favorite — dancing to myself in the mirror while I get ready to go out : ). It doesn’t matter where or how as long as you move your body, let go of judgement + have fun! This one hour playlist will inspire you to sing out loud, shimmy your shoulders + jump in place! But most of all, it’ll give your soul the musical hug it needs to remember that you are, in fact, perfect.” — Cat Aldana

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Below are your Week 1 Social Media Prompts! We’d love for you to share…

— What body positivity means to you

— 3 of your favorite qualities about yourself

— Your favorite quote that empowers you

— 5 activities that bring you joy

— One of your long term goals