Box + Burn: Your At-Home Boxing Workout

Boxing is an amazing full body workout. With proper form, it will work a great variety of muscle groups including your arms, back, chest, shoulders, core, glutes, + legs! 

It is also great CARDIO! Boxing traditionally uses a lot of different equipment, including various types of bags that you punch while wearing hand wraps + gloves. We totally get that it can be intimidating going to a boxing gym for the first time, + some don’t have access to one, so here is a boxing-style workout that you can do on your own without any special equipment!

Before you get started with the workouts, click on the links to learn how to throw the four basic punches used in boxing: Jabs//Crosses, Uppercuts, + Hooks.


  •       In between each round is an active rest movement to keep your heart rate up
  •       Switch between the two exercises in the round every 30 seconds for the entire length of the round
  •       “Rapid fire” means throwing the punches continuously the entire time

ROUND 1 [3 MIN]:

Burpee + 6 Jabs//Crosses
Rapid Fire Jabs//Crosses
1 min Active Rest: Ali Shuffle

ROUND 2 [3 MIN]:

2 Squat Jumps + 6 Uppercuts
Rapid Fire Uppercuts
1 min Active Rest: Booty Kicks

ROUND 3 [3 MIN]:

Inchworm With Push Up + 6 Hooks
Rapid Fire Hooks
1 min Active Rest: Jumping Jacks

 ROUND 4 [3 MIN]:

Sit-Up + 2 Jabs//Crosses
Bicycle Crunches
1 min rest

ROUND 5 [3 MIN]:

Alternating Lunge + 2 Jabs//Crosses
Rapid Fire Jabs//Crosses
1 min Active Rest: Speed Skaters

ROUND 6 [3 MIN]:

Renegade Row + Punch
Rapid Fire Uppercuts
1 min Active Rest: Laydown Push Up

ROUND 7 [3 MIN]:

High Knees + Jabs//Crosses
Rapid Fire Hooks
1 min Active Rest: In + Out Jumps

ROUND 8 [3 MIN]:

Plank Punches
Russian Twist 

TURN IT UP – Hold dumbbells [light weight] for all of the punches, or use a boxing heavy bag
TONE IT DOWN – Active rest for 30 seconds + full rest for 30 seconds 

There you have it! This workout is inspired by boxing, but there is still so much more that you can learn about + experience when you take real boxing classes, while always getting in a killer workout. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone + try a boxing class for real one time… you won’t regret it!

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