How To Set Boundaries

Boundaries, FOMO, staying in — it’s all very hard to let go of, but much needed in my weekly routine!

I would join all the clubs, be at the next outing, + just surround myself around others as much as I could. I was very shy growing up, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone in college. I knew this was my time to grow these skills, so I just wanted to do everything that I could to gain experience + make connections. No regrets!

Eventually, I figured out that wasn’t always sustainable. I couldn’t be everywhere + do everything. I was starting to burn out by spreading myself too thin + not putting my focus on things that made me happy. I wanted to feel a sense of community. I wanted to feel like I was a part of something, which is why I led myself to do this.

I pondered the idea of setting boundaries during my senior year. It was a new concept to me, + knowing that I would have FOMO when declining a social activity [aka putting myself first]. But in reality, this made me feel more peaceful, well-rested, + able to tackle a lot more than I thought.

Setting boundaries has been the best thing I could add to my * self-care routine* because it has allowed me to function effectively at my greatest strengths.

Some boundaries I like:

  • Setting time for myself to unwind every day
  • Not saying *yes*, if possible, if I have too much going on that day
  • Asking for space if I need it, + not feeling bad for doing so
  • Not spending time on social media before bed + meditating or reading instead
  • Communicating my wants + needs
  • Taking time for myself to do the things that bring me joy

These are just some examples of what I try to do, but I am far from perfect — there is always room for improvement!

Setting boundaries has allowed me to live a more intentional life. It has allowed me to finish books that I’ve been putting off, start-up my passions, spend more time with family, make big decisions, etc.

What does setting a boundary mean to you? Just start with one.

Maybe that means freeing up space for doing the things that bring you joy or spending more time with your loved ones. It could mean finishing that task that you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Whatever it means to you — I encourage taking some time to journal about the things you want to accomplish, + how certain boundaries can help you get there.

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Self-Love Share: If you have your own boundaries or tried any new ones, let us know what they look + feel like to you! Would love to hear what you’re exploring — tag @CHAARG + #CHAARGSelfLoveClub!

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