Bounce Back Strong: 4 Ways To Beat A Sugar Binge

As the first week of 2016 comes to a close, you’re probably still riding the motivation of the *newness* of your resolutions + are still going strong. After allowing yourself to enjoy the holiday season + everything that came with it [especially the #EEEEEATS], you may be trying to be extra strict to make up for the past few weeks.

But starting the year strong doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself for what you ate over the holiday season. The new year should be your time to start fresh + be kind to yourself — view it as your *blank slate* to begin again rather than feeling like you need to make up for previous actions.

Prioritizing healthy eating is a great way to start your year strong + #inCHAARG, but it’s very important to be kind to yourself along the way.


When we binge on a particular food group, one of the more *obvious* bounce-back solutions is to restrict that food group // nutrient for a period until we can restore a balance, but falling into the habit of restrictive dieting can set a dangerous precedent.

Instead of limiting carbs + fats [even *healthy* options] to offset the sweets + treats we enjoyed, building meals + snacks around nutrient-packed options can help us achieve that balance by helping our digestive systems return to your *normal*.


Sure, this may be an *obvious* solution, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to drink water + stay hydrated. Increases in blood sugar can lead to dehydration since  we might be hitting the little girls’ room more often than usual. Fight this off by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated will also make *bouncing back* much easier so you can go into your next #SweatSesh ready to work. Try making some of our fav fruit infused recipes if plain ol’ H2O isn’t your thing. Stop. Drop. ++ CHUG!


When we aren’t feeling our best, it’s easy to give into the sluggishness that can come on after a binge. It’s important that we keep moving + stick to a routine in order to not let the binge get the best of you. Even if your workout isn’t as long or intense as it normally may be, getting up + moving will help your body metabolize the sugars faster + get closer to its  *regular* state.


The most important thing to remember when rebounding from a day of sugar-filled treats is that it is *NOT* the end of the world. Remember, this routine of gatherings + festivities full of more sweets than anyone needs is not the norm.

The start of the new year is the perfect time to move forward with a fresh start + it’s okay to leave the holidays // last year in the past. Forget about any guilt you may have from previous *slip ups* + take 2016 one step at a time — use this new beginning as an opportunity to move on from punishing yourself + focus on progress instead. It’s ok to break from your rules + guidelines from time to time, so go ahead + treat yo’ self, but don’t forget to be kind as well.


+ Ali [@ali.inchaarg], virtCHAARG girl from Philly

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