Bored At Work? 6 Ways To Spice Up Your 9-5 Routine


Finally finding your stride at work can be exciting! You’ve completed the necessary training + are no longer the *new girl at the office*. But before you know it, the weeks are passing quickly, blurring together, + you’re stuck in a rut ++ not sure how to motivate yourself for the 9-to-5. We spend most of our time at work — why shouldn’t it be a good time? Outside of switching up your workout routine, check out our easy workday swaps to help reinvigorate your day-to-day life.


Do you find yourself listening to the same ol’ playlist over + over again on your way to work? It’s time to switch the station on your usual commute routine! We love podcasts + audio books, because they get jump start your mind, even before you get to the office. Not sure where to begin? There are podcasts on nearly every subject [seriously!] — + we recommend Mystery Show, TED Radio Hour, + The Moth [all available on the Podcast App on iTunes]. Most podcasts are free + you can find e-books + audio books at your local library via


We’re all guilty of them — *Facebook breaks*. You need to take a breather + it’s SO easy to check your FB or IG. Then, before you know it, *it* has happened: you’ve been sucked into the social media void. Instead of rewarding yourself with a Facebook fix, find your inner nerd + transform your breaks into learning opportunities. TheSkimm is an awesome daily e-newsletter, bringing the latest updates straight to your inbox + it pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee + a mid-morning break! Continually educating yourself about our world, your industry, +//or your dream job shows that you’re not afraid to keep learning + become your best self. The CHAARG Blogi Team also loves reading Medium, Fast Company, + Mashable.


It happened in college classes, too. We find ourselves sitting in the same seats — every. single. day. Your own desk or cubicle might help direct this habitual routine, but most companies won’t be upset with a little musical chairs. Especially if you’re working on a project requiring more creativity, a change of scenery can help you think outside of the box. Conference rooms, standing desks, + outside work spaces can help change up your work scene + boost productivity.


Who said meetings all have to be the same? Whether you’re leading your first team meeting or attending a weekly 1:1 with a boss or coworker, switch things up with a new location, time, or format. Walking meetings [yes, taking a walk + having a meeting at the same time!] help bring a new sense of energy + creativity to the task at hand. Taking your weekly touch base with your manager *outside of the office* can actually help you communicate more effectively on your progress + areas for improvement. For that next meeting, simply ask if you can meet over a cup of joe at the local coffee shop or take your coffee to-go for a walk around the block.


It’s officially fall + you know what that means. The PSL [Pumpkin Spice Latte] is out, along with added sugar + ingredients we can’t pronounce. Bring it back to basics + swap the fancy Starbucks order for simple, black coffee. Can’t make that first leap? We suggest trying out non-dairy milk [soy, almond, or coconut] + simple syrups to get your sweet fix. Looking to swap out coffee altogether? We’ve got you’ve covered.


Work is… well, work. If you’re lucky enough to be living out your dream job, then, GO YOU : ) — but for many of us, our first job out of college may not be the most *glamorous* or exactly what we thought we would be doing. The attitude we bring to work is EVERYTHING — it affects our productivity, ability to create + come up with new ideas, + how others [our team members, bosses, etc.] perceive us. Whether it’s a Monday or it’s raining or you’ve spilled coffee on yourself *again*, swap your typical mood for one that radiates positivity. Own your Mondays, learn to look at challenges as opportunities for change + laugh at yourself [++ always keep a Tide To Go Pen at your desk ; )]. Take a few deep breaths after every stressful situation + remember why you are here.

+ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

+ Photography // Kaitlyn Bowman [@ka

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