3 Ways To Prep For The #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP!

Ah! The #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP is almost here…. it’s our favorite FitPlan for a couple reasons: #1] Because it means that it’s SUMMER : ) + #2] All of the workouts can be done anywhere! No gym required.

This FitPlan is exciting because we have a CHAARG RD who is coming along for the ride + creating a 10 Day Meal Plan for us, as well as sharing weekly recipes ++ creating nutritional webinars you can join in on. It’s definitely going to take your FitPlan to the next level… if you want ; ). Remember, this is your workout program — we give you the tools, + it’s up to you to decide what elements you want to use! Do what’s best for your body, + know that we are always here to support you [as well as 1000+ women who are doing the CHAARG Bootycamp alongside of you!].


Side note — important date to remember is June 3! Registration is open that day at shop.chaarg.com! YAY.

((For those of you guys asking, “What the heck is a CHAARG Bootycamp//FitPlan?” The CHAARG Bootycamp is our summer FitPlan — which is a virtual, interactive workout program, complete with six weeks of sweat seshes, mini workouts to complete on the go, a 10-day meal plan, our CHAARG Registered Dietician [our newest addition!] , + so much more! Our mission is to give you the tools to live your healthiest summer but in a FUN way, as well as to connect you to thousands of other women across the country who will be completing this program at the same time as you!))

The below items will not only help you prep for the CHAARG Bootycamp, but will give you a feel for what to expect. We had so much fun creating this, + we hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think!

#1] Complete this sweat sesh!

As we shared above… all workouts can be done anywhere! No gym required ; ) We love completing the workouts outside, or even in our bedrooms! We recommend grabbing a yoga mat + one set of dumbbells [5-12 lbs]. All workouts can be completed in 45 minutes or less — because we know you are all busy girls.

ALSO, because you are all so busy, we are including 12 *mini workouts* in this program — all can be done in 10-15 minutes, with no dumbbells. We like doing these workouts if we are on vacation, or if we want to move a little bit in the morning//mid-day but don’t have time for a full workout!

#2] Create an #inCHAARG insta account!

We are kind of obsessed with our #inCHAARG community.  It really is the most incredibly empowering community… just search the hashtag, #inCHAARG + see for yourself! Throughout the CHAARG Bootycamp [+ all throughout your CHAARG Journey!], we encourage you to share + connect with girls through your #inCHAARG account. Read more about creating your #inCHAARG account here!

#3] Try this recipe!

WE HAVE A CHAARG REGISTERED DIETICIAN + WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So much to say about this, but first — check out this incredible Brownie Batter Protein Bites recipe that will be featured in the 10 Day Meal Plan she is creating for us! YUM : ). She will be hosting nutritional webinars, so if you have topics//questions you’d like her to cover, please email us at fitplan@chaarg.com!

#BOOM — you are ready to take on this FitPlan + SUMMER : ). Want to read more details on the CHAARG Bootycamp? Check them out here.

Love you guys so much!

<3 Team CHAARG

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