Summertime is all about taking a break from our daily schedule from school. We get to stay up late without having to study all night//even sleep in without having to worry about waking up early for class. It is good to follow a daily routine to keep us motivated. However, once summer begins there is a possibility we fall off track from our routinely schedule.

2019 is the year where I wanted to set attainable goals for myself + keep my word. Last year, I only went to the gym two or three times my first semester! I considered CHAARG weekly workouts + my attendance in small group as my workout. [Which was my excuse not to go to the gym]. During my second semester of my Freshman year of college, my goal was to workout three times a week at the gym during school. I managed to keep my promise + be consistent with a set schedule in order to make some time to workout.

Once summer came around the corner, I got out of the habit of working out three times a week. My laziness started to kick in — I slept in to catch up on the lack of sleep I got due to my early commute to the city. However, I did try to keep up with the May Booty Burn that included a bunch of great workouts, but that only lasted a week. I became extremely lethargic + unmotivated to workout during the first month of my summer.

After a month of staying up late//sleeping in, I realized how my laziness took a toll on my motivation. When I found out that the CHAARG Bootycamp was starting soon, I knew I needed to sign up for it in order to get myself back on track! Days before the CHAARG Bootycamp, I had one main goal in mind — waking up at 8:30AM to workout! I am a morning person [thanks to my cross country days in high school] + morning workouts allowed me to feel refreshed ++ motivated throughout my day.


The first week of the CHAARG Bootycamp was pretty rough for me because during that time I did not workout for almost a month. I was super sore from the amount of squats + Mini Booty Burn workouts I completed each day. Luckily, listening to the CHAARG Bootycamp workout playlist on Spotify helped me get through the first week! Also, seeing the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP posts on instagram allowed me to feel a sense of community. Everyone was on the same boat as me + it was amazing to see everyone posting about their journey.


After a couple weeks went by, I noticed how my sleeping patterns were changing because I slept earlier — even before midnight! I even started to gain more confidence + motivation as well. My morning workouts became a way for me to start off my day on the right foot. I started to look forward to working out + blasting my workout music in the mornings as well as posting about it on my CHAARG instagram!


As the CHAARG Bootycamp came to an end, I felt proud of myself for accomplishing the many sweaty workouts in the morning. I was sad that it was almost over, but I learned how my consistency in working out is important to my well-being. My experience with the CHAARG Bootycamp allowed me to reCHAARG + become more productive during my summer mornings.



Rather than buying a gym membership, the CHAARG Bootycamp allowed me to workout in the comfort of my own room! I learned so many new workouts I never knew I could do with resistance bands + weights. I always looked forward to Tuesday workouts because I enjoyed the tabata workouts the most! Additionally, the Mini Booty Burns were a great workout to implement during a busy day because it would only take ten minutes or less.

Working out for me was my form of self-care, way to de-stress, + way to become physically ++ mentally fit. Thanks to the CHAARG Bootycamp it helped me get back in the right mindset during the summer. Even though summer is a way for us to relax + recover from our daily habits during the school year, I realized how it is okay to take a break ++ take time for yourself. Overall, the CHAARG Bootycamp gave me motivation in various ways — through the community of #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP, the daily emails that included a mantra of the day, + the CHAARG Bootycamp playlist!

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