Booty Band Circuit

Circuits are great because you cater how many rounds based on how much time you have! Short on time? Just complete 1 set of the circuit… you’ll be done in less than 10 minutes! If you want a longer workout, we recommend completing the circuit 4X — resting 1 minute after each circuit!

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Complete 4X! 1 Minute Rest After Each Circuit ; )
1 Minute Plank Ankle Jacks 
1 Minute Banded Air Squats 
30 Sec Banded Donkey Kicks Right Side
30 Sec Banded Donkey Kicks Left Side 
1 Minute Booty Boost Pulses
1 Minute Banded Dead Bugs
1 Minute Banded Goblet Squats 
30 Sec Banded Curtsy Lunges [Left] 
30 Sec Banded Curtsy Lunges [Right] 
1 Min Banded Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts

Sarah Clem

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