Bolt Babe

Callin’ all BOLT BABES — be prepared to sweat. This workout is set up a little bit differently than anything we’ve done before [#adventures]. Each *combo* [set of two exercises] is 90 seconds. You’ll complete 8 reps of each exercise… going back + forth for the full 90 seconds. After the 90 seconds, you’ll rest 30 seconds before moving on to the next combo. Once you complete the first round, switch up the order + complete the “cardio” exercise first. YES, this workout is tough — but you are tougher ; ).


Complete 2X

Goblet Squats + Squat Jumps

Hammer Curls + Super Climbers

Squat Presses + Lunge Jumps

Dead Rows + Half Burpee Push Ups

DB Lunges + Weighted Burpee

Push Ups + Double DB Swings

DB Reverse Lunges + Mountain Climbers

Row, Curl, Press + Lateral Hops

DB Side Lunges + In + Outs

Wide Biceps + Tuck Jumps

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