7 Body Positive Swimsuit Brands

The weather is getting warmer which means swimsuit season is almost upon us. Shopping for swimsuits can be a stressful scene for many women who believe their “bikini-body” isn’t ready — especially since we see swimsuit ads featuring models with unrealistic body-types. It’s important to remember — those images are often those built by photoshop + other editing software, but that doesn’t make things easier. The companies below aim to eliminate the insecurities that come with swimsuit shopping + celebrate women for what their bodies can do rather than how they look.


Aerie has committed to never retouching their “role models” + use models that promote body positivity such as gold medal gymnast, Aly Raisman + NEDA ambassador, Iskra Lawrence. The #AerieReal movement is something we can all get behind! Aerie’s styles are functional, affordable, + offered in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL. We also love the Aerie blog for fun articles + video content on ways to rock their clothing.

Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All is a body positive brand making a name for itself, being featured in magazines such as Vogue + Refinery29. With sizes ranging from 4-24, Swimsuits For All has got you covered– literally. Their website is tailored to help women find exactly what they’re looking for — you can shop by shape, silhouette, or style. Swimsuits For All makes shopping easy + chic with mantras such as “we’re in love with the shape of you.” Their blog features photo-shoots with realistic models + stories for + from inspirational women.

Albion Fit

Albion Fit is a couture fitness brand with vintage swimsuits for all shapes + sizes. Their suits range in size from XXS to XXL + work with all body types. We love that Albion Fit’s Instagram features models with realistic body types + promotes confidence in women. Co-founder, Liz Findlay, even runs a blog on the website called The Albion Project which features recipes, “get-to-know-you” style posts, updates on the company, + motivational messages.

Carve Designs

Carve Designs is a swimwear company born from two women who were looking for swimsuits that could keep up with their active lifestyles + passions for surfing. Co-founders, Jennifer Hinton + Thayer Sylvester describe themselves as, “real women with real bodies + a real passion for adventure.” They want their designs to reflect fun-loving, hardworking, + confident spirits while providing sustainable + versatile clothing options. Read more about their journey on their blog.


AdoreMe is a more well-known brand that offers swimwear in sizes XS-4X. Their aim is to make sure that women feel confident in whatever they’re wearing. AdoreMe offers styles ranging from bikinis to one-pieces that encourage women to embrace what makes them unique. Their blog features fun posts on anything from heartbreak to iconic bra styles.


ModCloth is a brand that believes in female empowerment + inclusivity. They want all women to find community within their brand by offering a large arrangement of sizes + styles. Many of their swimsuits offer a vintage flair + are incredibly unique + stylish. ModCloth’s blog features recipes, style guides, + DIY’s.

Nettle’s Tale

Nettle’s Tale is a Vancouver-based swimwear + lifestyle brand that offers honest swimwear for the everyday women. They encourage women to wear what they want + to celebrate their age, size, + shape. Their swimwear is made for women with active lifestyles + “love six-packs, stretch marks, pears, petites, + plentiful busts.” Their blog features instagram takeovers, “real talks,” + inspiration.

We hope you find a perfect fit this summer with these stylish + supportive swimwear brands. Eliminate the stress + insecurities ++ post your favorite swimsuit pics to your _inCHAARG Instagrams!

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