How The Body Positive Movement Inspires Self-Love

In 2018, the body positivity movement took over social media. From famous supermodels like Ashley Graham preaching self-love to CHAARGies across the country sharing their personal stories, empowered women are taking over the internet. But, let’s be honest, self-love + body positivity is not an easy journey. With so many media outlets forcing the idea of the “perfect” female body in our faces, it’s easy to compare ourselves to that image.

The fact of the matter is this: there is no “perfect” body type. In fact, over the last 100 years, beauty + body standards for women have changed dramatically. In 1910, corsets made the look of a tiny, cinched waist the norm. But, just 20 years later women were expected to flaunt their natural waists. Between 1950 + 1970, the beauty standard shifted from an hourglass figure — thin waist + large chest — to a slender androgynous look showing off a flat stomach.

Even now, the ideal body, with lean limbs + muscular abs, that was flaunted across Hollywood in the early 2000s has shifted + big booties ++ curvy busts are desirable. What is advertised as the “perfect” body is as ever changing as any other Internet trend.

It’s no secret that many fashion companies have built their brands by profiting off of impressionable young girls. It is ingrained into girls’ minds from such an early age that they are to aspire to whatever photoshopped + airbrushed image graces the glossy cover of a magazine. Body insecurity becomes second nature to us.

So, with the ever changing trends of fashion comes the ever changing trends of the “perfect” body which sparks the ever changing unrealistic body standards that women aspire to.

The body positivity movement combats this mindset + is dedicated to empowering women to feel confident in their own bodies + acknowledge the fact that everyone’s body type is unique ++ therefore should not be compared to each other.

Thankfully, many fashion companies have also caught onto the empowerment flooding Twitter + Instagram ++ have adapted their brands to be more inclusive.

February is often seen as the month for romance + love. We challenge you to make this month about self-love! What would it look like to love yourself unapologetically?

#1] Share 3 things you love about yourself on your #inCHAARG insta

The body positivity movement is all about being proud of your body, mind + soul. Whether you’re post-grad or still in school, you’ve accomplished so much to get to where you are today + you should be proud of that!

#2] Take yourself on a date

For some reason, there seems to be a stigma surrounding the idea of doing things by yourself. However, treating yourself to a breakfast or coffee date can be the perfect way to clear your head of anything that’s been stressing you out recently. Spending time alone shouldn’t be frowned upon, it just means that you love yourself enough to dedicate time to yourself every week.

#3] Buy yourself gifts sometimes ; )

While getting gifts is exciting, giving them is even more exciting + buying a gift for yourself combines both of these! It is important to be mindful + aware of all of the responsibilities you take on throughout the week… so, #treatyourself. Whenever you have to go to the grocery or run other errands, find something small that you can buy simply for your own enjoyment. Whether it’s a face mask, a new journal or CHAARG gear that inspires self-love [see below!] something else that sparks joy, show yourself that you care enough to buy things purely because it makes you happy.

How do you practice self-love + body positivity? Share with us on your #inCHAARG insta!

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