Your Best Sweat Sesh Ever: 4 Ways To Maximize Workouts

When we settle into a *groove* with working out, we start to learn the difference between a workout + a really good workout. It seems obvious, but actually doing the workout is the first step to gaining all those awesome + healthy benefits associated with exercise. But like anything in life, there’s a difference between simply doing it + doing it right.

It doesn’t mean switching your entire routine or changing your entire workout — it’s about taking a few extra steps to maximize the time you’re putting into each #SweatSesh.


Going to the gym while dehydrated is a quick way to cut down the effectiveness of a workout. Dehydration accelerates muscle fatigue, ++ in addition to helping you stay energized + movin’, being super thirsty during your workout can have us feeling pretty miserable. When in doubt, keep sippin’ on the H2O — chances are your body needs it ; ).


Staying focused during a workout ensures we’re putting forth our best effort. If something isn’t quite right, we’re distracted from bringin’ out our A-game. Not dressing correctly, forgetting water or headphones, + not having the right playlist ready can really throw us off. If keeping a mental list of everything you need doesn’t help, keep a real list on your phone of what you need to keep you *in the zone* so you don’t find yourself tripped up at the gym!


It is SO important to stay *in the moment* during a workout. If we spend our entire workout looking at your phone [texting or scrolling through social media], we’re not putting much focus into the exercises that we’re doing. Looking at your phone may feel like a way to spend a break between sets, but if you get caught in a conversation or find something interesting on Facebook, that workout is going to take much longer [we’re all busy CHAARG girls, right?!] + you may never get to that last set. Save yourself from the temptation + keep your phone in an armband [but don’t forget to snap your sweaty selfie afterwards ; )].


Dedicating the end of a workout to recovery [+ even taking rest days] is crucial to feeling our best. If you aren’t giving your body a break, you’re risking injury by putting additional strain on muscles that are already tired. If you’re really itching to work out on a rest day, try lower impact workouts, like yoga, pilates or walking, which will be easier on your body. Give yourself a little TLC ; ).

How do you stay focused to maximize your workouts? Share it with us on Insta + tag @chaarg + #inCHAARG!

++ Ali [@ali.inchaarg], VirtCHAARG Philadelphia

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