Become A #GirlBoss: 6 Workplace Habits To Ditch ASAP

While most of us associate the New Year with health-related resolutions [getting back in shape, eating better foods, working towards a specific fitness goal], the beginning of a new year begs us to reevaluate all aspects of our lives — including that *9-to-5* life. Whether you’ve just started a new job//internship or you’ve been on the grind for a few years now, we all have those bad work habits worth ditching. The key to kicking these all to the curb + becoming your best *work self* is mindful self-awareness. Putting your best foot forward at the office won’t happen overnight, but remember, good things come to those who hustle. Now, fill up that cup of coffee — we’ve got work to do! ; )


This one is simple + boils down to a very concrete realization: we are better than this. While it’s totally okay to dish about last night’s Bachelor episode or which guy Taylor Swift’s new single is about during a coffee run, there’s absolutely no reason to talk about your co-workers or higher-ups behind their backs. Not only is it distracting from your real work, but it can easily create tension at the office. Think twice about engaging in the office rumor mill + find co-workers who are on the same page.


Becoming the *late girl* is the last thing you want on your resume. While the effects are pretty obvious, being consistently late causes a domino effect — if everyone assumes you’re always going to be 5-10 minutes late, others will start showing up late as well, + priorities will get pushed back. If you know you’ll be running late for any reason, send a quick email or text to your manager//trusted co-worker. Make your life easy — always show up five minutes early!


Beware! This bad work habit can truly be your downfall. Whether you think you can handle everything on your own or you’re too afraid to speak up, never asking for help when you need it can sacrifice the quality of the project + will definitely add unnecessary stress to your day-to-day work routine. Being able to delegate is a valuable skill to hone, especially as you become a true #GirlBoss at your job. Learn your co-workers’ strengths + don’t be shy — by asking for help, you’ll come off as engaged, concerned, + ready to conquer it all!


Yeah, we’re working on this one too… Constantly checking social media for a quick break can have its price. First + foremost, being on Facebook//Instagram//Twitter all day can send the wrong vibes to your team + most importantly, your manager. ++ just say no to texting — these habits, when practiced on a daily basis, only create negative distraction + push you further from your work goals. Need a break + want to chat? Make it IRL + go on a Starbucks run with your co-worker instead. Added bonus: the time outside + away from your desk can help boost creativity + productivity for when you return!


While one of the most frustrating work habits to have, this is usually one of the first we tend to practice, especially as we gain more responsibility at work. Yes, work is *important*, but so is everything else — your personal relationships, physical fitness, ++ other hobbies or interests. When we obsess over work 24/7, we’re not giving our mental + emotional health a fair shot — both of which require their own proper attention. By actively choosing work + dismissing these other core facets of life, we can easily stunt creative growth [which, in turn, affects your work!] + our general sense of happiness. So, as simple as it sounds… make time for the gym, make plans with your friends, + make sure maintaining a work life balance is a priority!


Bad workdays happen [we spill coffee on a new outfit, miss early morning public transportation, flop during an important client presentation]. But letting these small setbacks dictate our entire mood for the rest of the workday or workweek is one of the most important bad habits to ditch this year. Let’s face it — pushing through hard times + remaining positive will be one of the hardest things we learn in life. So why not start practicing this now at work? When something doesn’t go well at the office, pull yourself together by taking a quick break out of sight [a walk around the block is always helpful!] + then, stay focused on the bigger picture. Your attitude directly affects those around you — so make it your mission to always radiate positive vibes. Be known for how you handle every situation, not just your own personal successes.


+ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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