Become An Authentic Leader: 6 Daily Practices To Follow From Gabby Bernstein [Spirit Junkie]

If you haven’t heard of Gabby Bernstein, *now is the time*. Nearly 10 years ago, Gabby reached her own moment of clarity, choosing to finally create her own reality + follow her passion of becoming a self-help guru. Since that moment, she has written four self-help books, two of which [Miracles Now + May Cause Miracles] have topped the New York Times Best Sellers list. Oprah has described her as the “next-generation thought leader” + Gabby is a regular contributor to the the Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, Self Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, + Women’s Health. On top of all this, she is also a certified Kundalini yoga + meditation teacher — yes, we’re obsessed too!

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to hear Gabby speak + after only an hour with her, I walked away with six practices for becoming a leader in my day-to-day lifestyle. Personal development can seem overwhelming, but I promise that with a focus on  awareness, these steps can easily be translated to all aspects of our lives.


Gabby reveals to us that her life’s greatest accomplishment is her *capacity to be real*, no matter what. Now, it’s time to be *real* with yourself — Who are you portraying in your day-to-day? Do you allow yourself to be the most authentic you? Truly understanding who we are + in turn, fighting to live out this person are both crucial components of our mission in becoming a CHAARG leader. By giving yourself permission to *show your shadow* [to be yourself in the most rawest form, made up of all the good + the bad], imagine not only what it can do for yourself, but also for those around you, your family + friends, + the entire CHAARG community. When you are authentic + keep it real, we are all encouraged + loved for doing the same.


Like most things, we cannot become our most authentic self without practice. That being said, in this pursuit to be a powerful CHAARG leader, we will fall — even up to multiple times a day. We might quickly lose our patience with the extremely long Starbucks line, hit snooze on our morning workout alarm [+ momentarily, lose sight of our goals], or simply allow the compilation of our daily stressors [school, work, relationships, etc.] get the best of us. Remember this — it’s not about how perfect you are, but by how quickly you can bounce back. Gabby asks us to *walk our talk* by witnessing our low moments + recognizing that we are resilient. Through compassion + believing that our failures don’t define us — we can choose to conquer the fears that hold us back.


Much easier said than done… *we know*. You scroll through your feed of @inchaarg Instagram accounts + without realizing it, begin comparing your CHAARG journey with others’. Hours later, you find yourself annoyed by a new girl in your yoga class, someone you think should definitely not be in the front row. Judgment + comparison cloud our ability to become our best self + our best version of a CHAARG leader. When we judge + compare, we lose ourselves in our shadow + hide in our own self-doubt + fear. To combat this, Gabby gives us this incredible challenge: treat each person like you’re meeting them for the first time. Treat them as if you’ve never known them — as if there’s no pre-existing story. Remember, we are not the level of our yoga technique. We are not the brand of workout clothes we choose to wear. But, we all deserve to be treated without judgment + without comparison.


In our journey to becoming a CHAARG leader, there’s something really exquisite in the certainty of uncertainty — with being okay with what is. When we are able to release judgment + comparison, to be authentic, we find ourselves in this beautiful space with the capacity to do the most good. It is through the small, beautiful moments we are reminded that though it is not always easy to be our authentic self, the continual daily practice creates a cycle that floods positivity into the world.


As Gabby notes, this step is *quick, fast, + good*. Simply, measure your success on how much fun you are having — not on accomplishment. Life should always be measured in joy, not by a college grade point average, first job salary, or any other status symbol our society has deemed most important.


Finally, we tie everything together. When we allow all of this positive energy + inspiration to move through us, we are moved by our own mission. When we are moved by our mission, we have the capacity to motivate the masses. Remember to give yourself fully to your practice [this can be much harder than you think!]. Whether it’s by choosing to digitally detox during important daily tasks or by digging deeper through meditation + more deliberate action — giving yourself fully to your practice is about being present + aware during each step of your journey to be #inCHAARG of your life.

 + Jessica // VirtCHAARG NYC

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