Beat The Winter Blues: 8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout In Cold Weather

Temperatures are dropping + we’re swapping our tank tops + running shorts for scarves + sweaters. We also might be swapping gym time for a lil’ extra time with the indoors [i.e., our beds… under blankets… with Netflix]. The cold months are prime for snuggling up + letting laziness rule errrrythang. Motivation is at an all time low to step foot outside, let alone step foot outside for a sweat sesh — but keep these three points in mind the next time you’re contemplating skipping your workout *because of the cold*. Because we all know that you never regret a workout! ; )


Working out in the winter doesn’t have to mean going for a five-mile run in 20-degree weather. Endure the cold for the 10 seconds it takes to walk to your car + drive yourself to your local gym! Take advantage of having the indoor facilities + resources to stay on top of your fitness game. You can even spend some quality time with your favorite Netflix shows while running on the treadmill! ++ f the temps are *relatively* warm [in the 40’s or 50’s], you might as well kill two birds with one stone + go for a run TO the gym. ; )


Still not feeling up for leaving the house? No problem! There are plenty of effective workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. Try building your own bodyweight workout or relaxing with some yoga. Run some sprints up + down your stairs for your cardio. Walk laps around your house while you talk on the phone with a friend. You are by no means limited in your ability to be active in your own house! Just think of it as the perfect opportunity to get a little creative with your workouts, + that alone may motivate you to try some new things this winter!


If you do happen to muster up some motivation to get outside for a run, take solace in the fact that you can do it WARMLY + COMFORTABLY! Wearing the right #FitGear for the weather is so important for your health + safety. Start off with a tight-fitting first layer [like your classic CHAARG tank ; )] to help out with the sweat as you heat up during your workout. Your second layer should be both warm + breathable to prevent trapping sweat [hint: non-cotton materials!]. Depending on whether it’s raining or snowing, you can add a waterproof outer layer to keep dry. Don’t forget some gloves + a headband to protect those extremities, too! With so many opportunities to flaunt some cute #FitGear, why wouldn’t you want to show all of it off on your next outdoor run? ; )


Easily one of the worst feelings ever is waking up on a winter morning + having to change clothes. You’re snugly wrapped up in your blankets + the LAST thing you want to do is crawl out of bed + change into the cold clothes that have been sitting in your dresser or closet. SO — wear your workout gear to bed! You will have been keeping ‘em warm all night [hopefully for a solid 7-8 hours ; )], so you can roll out of bed + into your gym shoes + out the door. It might be crazy to think that something as small as wearing your workout clothes to bed will help motivate you to get your sweat on in the morning. But taking the *small* steps is sometimes the most important part of getting #WERK done, + you will be that much more motivated to start your next sweat sesh if you’re already dressed for it.


Everything’s more fun with a friend — including the challenge of working out in the cold winter months! You’ll serve as each other’s encouragement + motivation, which is exactly what we need once the frigid temps start to hit. You’re more likely to hold yourself accountable when you know that others are counting on you to work out with them. + at the very least, if you can’t get a friend to work out with you, sometimes the best thing to do is tell people you’re doing it. That’s what your #CHAARG insta is for! Posting online about working out will make you more likely to do it — you’ve put it out there, + now people know. All you have to do is live up to your word. ; )


This might not sound like the most appealing option in the midst of a dreary + cold winter — BUT sleeping in won’t boost your energy levels. In fact, you’ll probably end up feeling even more tired! Days are shorter in the winter, so don’t waste the time you could be spending enjoying the daylight by sleeping until the afternoon. Wake up early, be productive + get work done. We promise you won’t regret it!


If you change your perspective about the winter season, you won’t feel so discouraged. Once the hype of Christmas passes, it always feels like January, February and March drag on for as long as possible. In reality, that’s only three months. Take a few minutes to print out a 12-week calendar that you can keep at your desk or hang up in your room. Between scheduling out workouts, school assignments, social events and spring break plans, you’ll begin to see how quickly those 12 weeks will pass. Spring won’t seem so out of reach, + you’ll feel a little more motivated to keep pushing through those last few winter months!


Exercising boosts our immune systems, which tend to fail us sometimes during the winter. Believe it or not, running in the cold can actually help you fight colds! So if you need any motivation to prevent yourself from catching colds, keeping up your workout routine during the winter should be it. It’s easy to want to stay cooped up inside during the winter, but remember that it’s still important to get some sunshine + vitamin D. Plus, it’s a mood booster + a great way to fight off the infamous Seasonal Affective Disorder.


However you decide to stay active this winter, remember that it is possible + you CAN do it! And on the days where you do decide to snuggle up in bed with Netflix, don’t be too hard on yourself — there is always tomorrow. : )

++ Christina [@christiwilk // OSU CHAARG]

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