Beat the Heat: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

CHAARG Bootycamp is here! While we’re kicking booty during sweat seshes in hot temps, it’s super important to stay hydrated! Sweat seshes include exactly what the name implies — sweating. Exercise increases our body’s need to intake water, especially when working out outside in hot temperatures, as our bodies lose fluid while sweating.

If we fail to replenish fluid loss, dehydration occurs which can lead to many things including decreased energy + tiredness. Dehydration can also cause lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, or a dry mouth.

Drinking water doesn’t just help fight dehydration though. Some of the added benefits of drinking water include:

  • Cushioning our joints
  • Protecting our spinal cord + sensitive tissues
  • Eliminating waste — ridding the bad + keeping the good ; )
  • Improving energy + relief from fatigue

A lot can be mistaken for simply needing water. Hunger can often be mistaken for your body needing water so try drinking some water before going straight for food. Headaches + muscle pain can sometimes diminish with a glass or two of water as well.

While drinking water is extremely important, other drinks are necessary to help you stay hydrated + replenish the nutrients our bodies need to keep us going. Sports drinks aid in replacing electrolytes which are lost when exercising intensely for more than an hour. Check out other drinks + food which can contribute to your daily water intake here.

To avoid dehydration as best we can we’ve included some summer hydration goals. Each goal builds upon the other so if you don’t drink water often, you can start with the first few goals + build up!


#1] Skip the soda or tea + drink water with at least one meal — use this as an opportunity to save some money as well ; )

#2] Drink water before, during ++ after a workout.

#3] Always keep your water bottle filled + with you. If you buy a 32 oz water bottle, you only need to refill it once to meet your daily goal.

#4] Drink 64 ounces of water per day for the rest of the FitPlan. You can hold yourself accountable with a fitness app to track the amount of water you’re consuming or dedicate a page in your bullet journal to hydration! We love filling a page of our journals with outlines of watering cans//water bottles//raindrops + coloring them in as we drink our water.

#5] Once you get into a routine of reaching your 64 ounce goal for the rest of the FitPlan, we challenge you to  carry it out for the rest of the summer. Remember, water can be found in other drinks + food so you don’t have to consume 64 ounces of *just water*.

With more workouts + summer adventures ahead of us, the last thing we want to do is lose energy!. Remember to stay hydrated + share your summer hydration goals with us on insta!

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