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Alright, it’s BOOTY WERK time. Today’s workout consists of two exercises, followed by a bit of cardio [yes, box jumps = cardio — if your heart rate doesn’t increase significantly during them you are either superwoman or you’re doing them wrong ; )]. Choose a weight that is challenging, yet doable for all four sets. Don’t be afraid to bump up your weight if you feel like the first set was too easy! You’ll rest 30-45 sets in between sets for the 4X10 exercise. For the 50 rep exercise — complete them in as few sets as possible!

Important to note: if you see an exercise that includes single legs [ex. lunges]… one rep = left leg + right leg… so for the 4X0 Alternating Barbell Lunges, you will be doing *20* single leg lunges [10 L + 10 R]. Make sense? For Box Jumps + Ground Runners + Squat Jumps, try your best to complete 50 reps in as few sets as possible! You got this!

This sweat sesh is from a past CHAARG FitPlan to give ya a little taste of what’s in store : ) Interested in the CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan? Read all the deets here! 


Squats [use Smith Machine if needed]
DB Lunges
Box Jumps
Booty To Floor Squats
DB Bulgarian Lunges
Ground Runners
Quad Extensions
Goblet Squats

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++ Elisabeth

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