Bayley’s CHAARG Journey: I Am Fierce, Strong, + Capable














I repeat this to myself to the beat of my steps as I run, + through my breath as I practice yoga, + in any time of need. This is my mantra + it represents my physical + mental toughness. I’m doing things now that, mentally, seemed impossible. Setting my alarm for 6, 7, 8 AM, getting out of bed, getting out there, + working hard every single day.

Without the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP, I wouldn’t have this mantra, + without this mantra, I would not be where I am after this 6-week journey that has created one of the best summers of my life.

I have always been fit, but never consistently. I would find myself saying “oh I wish I could go back to the body I had when I did gymnastics” or “ran track” or “did body pump every week,” but I would never change my habits to actually do anything about it. I am an extremely eager z= impatient person. This helps me reach goals in many areas of my life, but it’s not the best combination when it comes to fitness.

So I needed a solution — something to help me make fitness a consistent aspect of my life without wanting to always see immediate results.

Joining CHAARG in Fall 2015 was my first step towards a solution. I immediately felt the inspiration of the CHAARG community [especially on Instagram] + the liability to be happy + healthy that we hold to each other.













At the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester I started consistently working out 3 times a week. Usually running + then doing some stretching + core work, + always going to my weekly CHAARG studio spotlight + small group. I wasn’t forcing myself to workout, I was choosing to + the best part was, by the end of the semester, it became a habit + I could see the results [I felt great + ran a PR 5k].

As summer hit, I tuned to yoga to stay fit, + I completed 30 Days of Yoga Camp on the Yoga With Adriane Youtube Channel. I fell in love with yoga, being mindful + present, continued to do some running, + I felt confident with how fitness was still a habit in my life.

++ then Booty Camp blew me away. I shattered all of my own expectations…

  • I created my mantra
  • Completed 23 summer of sweat bucket list items
  • Completed EVERY workout on schedule
  • Practiced yoga
  • Ran 2-3 times every week
  • Signed up for a Half-Marathon
  • Logged 98.7/60 bolts
  • I look + feel absolutely amazing

Every workout made me better than I was the day before. Every workout made me more confident + mentally tough + every workout reflected a newfound dedication to my personal health + happiness.

The best BOOTYCAMP workouts were always the workouts done with other CHAARGies because 1] they turn working out into a fun social event 2] they inspire me to work harder + push myself further 3] the liability that we hold to each other makes it 100% easier to get out of bed (once I had to last minute cancel on a meet-up and I still feel terrible about it) + 4] (the best reason) they never complain about working out + they are always ready for a sweat sesh! Thank you so much to my CHAARGies Charlotte Dufoe, Soula Christou, Melissa Bellew, + Maggie Bree!












I know some people question what drives me + my choice to live “the fit life.” They wonder if I’m trying to loose weight, look “hot” to impress people, or be a “crazy athlete.” Well, the answer is so simple: Through every decision I make I am aiming to be the best version of myself + this is not a destination, it is a journey that will last me a lifetime.

I’m so thankful that BOOTYCAMP was my opportunity to start this journey, + that I took full advantage of it.

When I first joined CHAARG, I don’t think I ever could have known that it would change my life and inspire me to help change more lives. I never thought I would have a transformation picture, I never thought I’d actually be able to run a half marathon, do a shoulder stand, or even have the energy to workout 5-6 days a week… but I do, I can + I will!












#CHAARGJourney highlights our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, emotionally. Bayley was one of the two winners of the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP 2016. We could not be more proud of her for finding her fit ++ becoming the best version of herself. We can’t wait to watch her continue her journey as an exec member of GWU CHAARG this fall!

Bayley [@bayley.inchaarg], GWU CHAARG

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