A Balancing Act: Relaxing + Staying On The Grind


Now that summer + the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP are in full swing, you’ve probably settled into your daily routine. Whether you’re interning//working full time or taking summer classes, hopefully you’ve found a way to balance time with friends//family + fitting in a #sweatsesh, + making time for your yourself. It’s a lot, isn’t it? We constantly struggle with knowing how much we should relax + how much we should be working. If you’re like us, you know it can be exhausting + overwhelming.

Well — ENOUGH of that! We’ve discovered the secret to finding the balance between relaxing + staying on your grind during this summer: Know the difference between your weekdays + weekends. The weekday is for getting work DONE. Own your internship//job for eight hours every day, come home + kill that #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP workout, + treat yo’self to that delicious meal you prepped. The weekend is for relaxing — spend time preppin’ for the week, but also take time to take care of YOU.



Know how + when to say no, + know your limits. Figure out what absolutely needs to be done [work projects, chores, etc.] so you don’t waste your time on things that are can be saved for later To help you think about prioritizing differently, try making your STOP-DOING list to cut out the unnecessary things. Remember that you can’t do it ALL during the week, no matter how much you want to [trust me, I know!]. You will overwork your body — you will not be feeling your healthiest OR happiest. That’s what this summer [+ BEYOND] is supposed to be all about, remember?!


Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take a deep breath + look at each day separately when you’re thinking about what you need to do. Breaking it down day-by-day will not only help you focus, but it will also help de-stress you!


Your schedule doesn’t need to be 100% regimented 100% of the time. You might skip the sweat sesh you were going to do after work because you stayed late to help out your co-worker with a project. Things didn’t go quite as you planned, but you got something else out of it — you may have missed your workout due to an unexpected circumstance, BUT you got to build that relationship with your co-worker. Accepting that your routine won’t always go as planned will help you feel less stressed those circumstances arise.


Don’t overlook your need for sleep just because you are getting work done. You don’t need to be in a constant state of tiredness every day at work – it’s not healthy for you, + it’s not good for anyone who has to work with you, either!  But if you’re cramming in your favorite Netflix shows every weeknight + losing sleep, then save it + take advantage of your weekends!



Pick a Saturday or Sunday + disconnect from social media for the entire day. You’ll feel refreshed + ironically, more connected to the world ++ the people in it. Leave your phone at home when you go for a run, don’t look at your emails, + allow yourself to #reCHAARG by focusing on your immediate surroundings.


Spend your weekends indulging in your favorite hobbies that you don’t get a chance to do during the week! You need to make time for the things you love — maybe it’s indulging in that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for the past month. Whatever your hobby, make it a priority to do what you love during this free time. You’ll feel happier + more fulfilled — which will leave you feeling much more motivated to jump back into the week + give it your all!


You need rest. More often than not, people don’t get enough sleep during the week, so take this time to really relax + unwind. You don’t need to sleep for 12 hours straight, but let yourself go to bed without setting an alarm once in a while! You earned it. On the other the hand, make sure you aren’t staying up super late either. That extra episode on Netflix isn’t worth losing sleep + starting out your Monday morning feelin’ tired.

It’s a tough balancing act – any CHAARG girl knows this all too well . But we KNOW you all can find that balance with a little work + a lot of support from your CHAARG community! ; )

Have any great tips for staying balanced? Share with us on Intsa or comment below!

+ Christina [@christi_inchaarg], OSU CHAARG

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