Auburn University CHAARG


Ambassador: Jessie Furlong
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #AuburnCHAARG
Studio Spotlight Day + Time: Wednesdays at 8PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Spring 2016
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


Alright Tiger fans!

Get your hands up for Auburn CHAARG! My name is Jessie Furlong + I’m a junior majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy. I am a lover of running + arm day ++ might be a little too obsessed with velvet, Thomas Rhett + his wife, Dory, + corgis. CHAARG has been the best thing about college for me so far + I would *love* for you to #JoinTheMovement! This amazing organization has brought me such incredible friendships + an even deeper love for health + fitness ++ all I want is to empower every college girl to feel the same, including YOU.

War Eagle + CHAARG on!

Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Jessie Furlong | VP Membership: Anna Woodhouse | VP Media: Natalie Sloneker | Event Coordinator: Emma Mills | Event Coordinator: Liz Albanese | Secretary: Corinne Bloom | Treasurer: Lia Lampone

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