Ask Us Anything — All Your Questions On Running Answered

We asked our community — “What questions do you have about running?” + you guys had so many! So we’ve compiled a guide with our answers to your most frequently asked questions! 

2 things. #1] Slow down. When you’re trying to build distance — don’t start off as fast as you might normally — it’s OK to slow down… try to be at a pace where you could have a comfortable conversation. #2] Gradually build up. Don’t try to go from running an average of 3 miles to running 7 miles in one run — instead, focus on building up, mile by mile. It’s a slow process — but you’ll be able to run longer distances [+ get faster] before you know it!

Most marathon training plans are 16-18 weeks long. But it’s really never too early to start training + building a solid base for you to reach your goals! 

Use an app on your phone — Nike Run Club, Map My Run, Strava… these are just three of the tons of free running apps that will track your pace + distance while you run!

I tend to not give out recommendations for running shoes… they are not a *one size* or type fits all — they are particular for everyone. Instead — go to your local fleet feet or running specialty store so that you can get properly fitted + have someone who knows their ish set you up with the right shoes for you! 

As for the blisters — invest in great socks. I also used to get horrible blisters on my feet + I’ve found that good socks [they ain’t cheap] have made a world of difference. I recommend Balega socks!

There are races everywhere scheduled for the fall — especially since so many were postponed from the spring due to COVID-19! Use google to find a race in your area… + if you need a training plan, we’ve got ya covered ; ) CHAARG Run Club will help get you ready for any race between September 26 — October 18!

The best thing you can do is just start off slow! Take any expectations or pressure off of yourself so that you can go at a pace comfortable to you. Running is running — it doesn’t matter if you’re going slow or fast — as long as you’re putting one foot in front of the other — you’re doing it! Forward is a pace. I also recommend starting off with periods of running + walking so you can gradually build up. For whatever distance or time you want to go — try doing 2 minutes of running + 1 minute of walking before you gradually can wean off the runs.

Find a good dynamic warm-up! Also — we’ll be providing a warm-up video + cool down video for all of our CHAARG Run Club members — so be sure to join us for that!

This is a great question! Remember that progress isn’t linear — you’re not going to get *better + better* every single run. It’s also really important to not skip the recovery runs. Recovery runs should be easy + should be exactly what they’re called… for recovery! If every single run is a hard workout, then you’re not giving your body time to rest + rebuild between those. Be patient + trust your training ++ ultimately, have some fun with it. 

As for not getting injured — learn to listen to your body + don’t lose sight of strength training. It’s normal to have aches + pains with running — especially when increasing the volume of your workouts! However, if you have a nagging pain that starts to hurt *all the time* [even when you’re walking or sitting] — it might be time to take some time off. Continuing to do strength + mobility exercises to focus on weaknesses will help you stay strong + injury free all season long!

Cross-training is an awesome way to continue to build aerobic endurance as well as strength while also reducing the repetition that running has on the body. Check out these 5 cross-training workouts to try!

This is a complicated question — I’m going to leave it to the experts at Runner’s World to answer ; ) Check out this article!

There are tons of pace calculators out there [check out this one or this one!].

Stretches that are great for tight hips: 

  1. Pigeon Pose
  2. Figure 4 Stretch 
  3. Runner’s Lunge
  4. Butterfly Stretch 
  5. Child’s Pose

Check out CHAARG Run Club + CHAARG 5K programs throughout the year to take your training to the next level! 

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