As Told By Our Leaders: How Has CHAARG Changed You In The Past Year?

Join CHAARG, + it’s likely your life will be changed in some way… big or small. Become a leader of CHAARG, + it’s almost guaranteed that you will change in a profound way. We asked our leaders: how has CHAARG changed you in the past year? Here’s what they said…

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CHAARG impacted me before I even actually joined CHAARG. I noticed CHAARG was coming to my school + I was a bit hesitant on joining since I’ve always dealt with my lifestyle choices alone… because I felt like I wasn’t what a typical ’fitness’ or ‘healthy’ girl looked like. I worked at a summer camp with a girl (Rayna) who was in CHAARG at Michigan State + she raved about great it was, so I made the decision to join! The moment I joined, I felt like I had a new community of those who shared my same goals + felt like I could really open up about my fitness/health journey. I challenged myself by trying the new workouts, mentally growing, + I even ran my first 5K with CHAARG Run Club!” – Alexandria P, @alexandriap_inchaarg

CHAARG has completely changed my college experience. It has made me more confident both in and out of the gym, I have made some of my best friends through it, + it keeps me busy in a healthy way!” – Ashleigh Liguori, @ashleigh_isinchaarg

CHAARG has pushed me outside my comfort zone + has allowed me to be my true self. I have always been quiet + fear judgment. I would resort not speaking often, so my voice wasn’t judged. I have been able to show my chapter who I truly am + this is something I will be forever grateful for.” – Katelyn Schlotter, @inchaarg_kate

This year, CHAARG has given me a new definition of community. Due to COVID, many of our members were new not only to CHAARG this year, but also new to our university. Getting to newly experience the “freshman experience” with many of our members really opened my eyes to what it means for many people to be able to discover a new version of them. ++ Throughout COVID, I was also able to discover a new version of me + this year CHAARG has allowed me to fully rediscover myself.” – Sylvia Primm, @sylvvia_inchaarg

Being apart of CHAARG, as a member and on exec, has been the best! Everyone I have met has always been so happy + positive ++ have helped me to become more of a hard worker+d more confident in my goals ++ decisions.” – Cydnie Paul, @cydnie.inchaarg

Being a part of CHAARG has helped me branch out of my comfort zone by meeting new girls, feeling confident in the gym, and earning a leadership role in my Chapter.” – Maddy Hayes, @maddy_inchaargg

CHAARG has definitely taught me how to always have a back up plan + be prepared. We had studios cancel with us the day of during the fall semester, + we just had to be able to think fast ++ lean on each other. The biggest lesson I learned + the impact is that it’s okay to ask for help. If you are stuck, be open + honest ++ the results will always be better. Plus, it helps to have a fantastic exec team help out.” – Evan Pflughaupt, @evan_inchaarg

Being a part of CHAARG allowed me to gain friends I never thought I would. This past year has been hard for everyone, + after realizing this was my last year to be a part of something so amazing, I decided to apply for an exec position + I would never change my decision. CHAARG allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, laugh until my belly hurts, make closer bonds with my Small Group, meet exchange students, + allowed me to really be myself. CHAARG has impacted me in the most positive way + helped me love myself for who I am.” – Emily Kleintop, @emily.k_inchaarg

CHAARG has allowed me to grow so much individually. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone in the gym, allowing me to explore different ways to fuel my body. It has encouraged me to take total control of my mental + physical well-being. It has also helped me build so many connections on campus with students I would have never met if I did not join this organization. CHAARG has benefited my academic success, my social life, + my health!” – Brooke Boyland, @boyland_inchaarg

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