As Told By Our Leaders: How Has CHAARG Changed You In The Past Year?

Join CHAARG, + it’s likely your life will be changed in some way… big or small. Become a leader of CHAARG, + it’s almost guaranteed that you will change in a profound way. We asked our leaders: how has CHAARG changed you in the past year? Here’s what they said…

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“CHAARG has helped me learn to trust myself. I never thought I’d run a minute in cold weather, + I ran 40 miles in January alone. I never thought I’d run a half marathon + I did in April. I never thought I’d be able to feel confident about my eating habits, + while I’m not totally there yet, I’m further than I was last year. CHAARG has showed me that my potential is limitless!” Natalie Topalian 

“CHAARG has taught me to choose myself first. A year ago, I had just graduated college + moved to NYC to start my career. *Adulting* became my life + life didn’t become easy. Through it all, my CHAARG family constantly reminds me that I am my own top priority — my happiness + health dictate my decisions, not the expectations of others or what I think *adult life* should be like. A year later, I have made life-changing decisions to become my best self [choosing a new job that makes me happy, finally getting the courage to apply for a position on Team CHAARG + starting as a Blogi this fall] — + I would never have done these without the self-confidence + self-worth that I have gained through CHAARG.” Jessica Smith 

“CHAARG has truly done its motto proud + made me the VERY best version of myself. CHAARG has taught me patience, optimism, positivity, self-love + most importantly it has taught me the passion I have for motivating + inspiring other girls just like me. From being on the UC Exec team I have a more visible + apparent impact on other girls + I want to use that for the best purposes possible. Hearing a girl tonight at our event say how inspiring to her I was almost brought me to tears. If CHAARG has taught me anything, it’s compassion + love for other people. CHAARG has no boundaries to working out. This organization has changed girls lives even more than mine + being a part of that is a continuous learning process that is happening every single day.” Delaney Spetnagel 

“CHAARG has given me perspective, positivity + patience — it changed the way I think about myself, my health + my happiness. A year ago, I wasn’t even a member of CHAARG. I had barely just begun repairing my broken relationship with health + fitness. I was just on the *outside looking in,* using CHAARG as an example to follow. I was scared to join it. I was intimidated by this group of women who naturally radiated confidence, beauty + strength. A year ago, I didn’t think that could be me. But I knew I wanted to try, + for that, I am so thankful for CHAARG.  Since I joined the movement a year ago, I’ve become more like the person I want to be. CHAARG didn’t just help me find a community of genuine passion — It helped me find myself.” Christina Wilkerson

“CHAARG has changed my entire outlook on life! Health + fitness never used to be a priority. Now, I’ve learned how to balance a healthy lifestyle with college classes + the temptations that come with it! More importantly, I’m learning how to love myself. CHAARG has shown me that’s it’s never about what your body looks like, it’s about what your body can do. I’ve broken up with the scale + focused on how I feel rather than my weight. A-year-ago-me would not have been able to do that!” Alexis Santora 

“Exactly a year ago I was applying to start CHAARG at Penn State! CHAARG has taught me to capitalize on my strengths + appreciate my weaknesses as areas that I can improve upon. Everyone has things they’d like to change about themselves, but CHAARG makes you feel like that’s *okay* + gives us the tools to become our best self. CHAARG taught me that I am in control of my attitude + how I react to different situations. Not to mention — the best thing CHAARG has changed for me is who I surround myself with. I love the friendships + community I’ve gained from this organization + I really can’t imagine my life without it. I am a genuinely happier + more positive person than I was a year ago.” Alyssa Pike

“CHAARG has given me a family that I can always count on + a community that inspires me every day! With CHAARG I now have the motivation + determination to achieve what I put my mind to + before I struggled with this. I’ve learned to love myself for who I am ++ to always be positive. CHAARG has changed my life + for that I am forever grateful!” Sam Milich

“CHAARG has truly changed how I weigh what is important in my life — it has truly made me a stronger, more loving, + overall happier person. CHAARG has taught me to always take a step back + appreciate the little things in life most people overlook. CHAARG has taught me to be realistic in what I should expect of myself, even when pushing myself to the limits. CHAARG has taught me to LIVE. I have opened my eyes to seeing life in general differently, especially when it comes to the thought of what are you going to do with the time you have left. How much are you truly going to live?? CHAARG has taught me to simply LIVE.” Evanthia Vranas 

“When I first joined CHAARG I was excited to see the way it was going to change me physically. Little did I know CHAARG wouldn’t just change me physically — it would change me mentally as well. CHAARG has shown me that physical health is just a piece of the puzzle to living a happy + healthy lifestyle. I have discovered that I choose my path in life every single day + how much my attitude influences the outcome of my circumstances. CHAARG has not only changed my mindset but it has surrounded me with people who love me + support me every single step of the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the other Ambassadors who never cease to amaze me in all that they do, the members [BGSUCHAARG or not] who inspire me every single day + my exec team who, even though they may not realize it, constantly remind me how important it is to see yourself the way others see you, because you are always enough.” Samantha Frankenberg 

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