Are You Getting Your Best Sleep? Digital Sleep Habits + More

In this digital era, it seems like there is an app for everything. While some apps may seem silly // useless, some of the technology we have today can be really helpful for important things, like sleep! These apps + tech can even help us rest easy + track our REM cycles [+ even dreams!] to develop optimal sleeping habits .Making sure we are getting the proper rest we *need* to prepare us for endless busy days is so, SO important. Here are some digital sleeping habits to adopt for optimal rest —

Our digital gadgets interfere with our sleep in more ways than we might realize. Obviously, they can keep us up later than we planned if we’re scrolling through Instagram when we’re supposed to be sleeping, but they also keep us awake literally because of the blue light emitted by screens. This light suppresses melatonin [the hormone that controls your circadian rhythm] production, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Instead of unwinding by mindlessly scrolling through social media, try giving yourself 30 minutes of gadget-free time before bed. There are softwares to omit blue light before sleep — FLUX is a good one for laptops + iPhones have a built-in setting for this! Keep your phone on silent or do not disturb mode while you sleep so random late night emails//texts don’t wake you up. You can even power down the rest of your technology while you’re at it!

There are plenty of apps out there to help track your sleeping habits, but I recommend the Runtastic Sleep Tracker, which you can download on your phone here. With your phone on silent, you can set it next to your pillow while you sleep, + the app will track your sleep cycles! With the alarm you set for yourself, the app will detect when you are in your lightest sleep + wake you up at the optimal time so you wake up feeling well-rested + rejuvenated. This app is great because it gives you in-depth sleep statistics including duration // efficiency, ++ you can take notes for yourself on factors affecting each night’s rest, as well as keep track of a dream diary!

If you want to get really serious about your sleeping habits + you’re in a position to spend some cash, you might want to look into smart mattresses! Smart mattresses are typically memory foam and host features including sleep tracking, temperature controls, and a smart alarm. These mattresses are creating solutions to help you wake up naturally, similar to how the Runtastic Sleep Tracker wakes you up during your lightest period of rest around the time your alarm clock is set. There are proprietary sensors embedded in smart mattresses to leverage sleep patterns + bio signals to collect data, collecting data to help you rest + recover 100% each night.

Electric heated blankets are becoming especially popular, as well as weighted comforters. The warmth//weight helps calm your body down, which in return, leads to falling asleep faster + resting deeper. These options are really helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, insomnia, or anything else that prevents you from falling asleep easily. Anyone can benefit from them though, so they’re worth checking out + implementing into your sleep routine!

Getting the proper amount + quality of rest is essential to functioning  properly ++ utilizing the plethora of technology we have makes optimizing your rest easy! What technology tricks do you have for helping you sleep at night? Share with us!

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