Always Running Late? 6 Tips To Being On Time

Are you always late? Do you find yourself often rushing between class, work + appointments? Do you have anxiety over being punctual? You might be chronically late. Not necessarily hours late, but usually 5-10 minutes late. Your friends might joke about it + they might even tell you false meeting times to prevent you from being late! If you find yourself struggling with timeliness read the below 6 tips to be ahead of the game of time —


Next time you try to make up an excuse for being late, recognize that you have a problem + are chronically late. This doesn’t make you a bad person, but it is something you can improve upon. Being punctual will improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, so it is definitely worth the effort!


There are usually a few types of people that are late. You may love the rush of working under pressure + think you do better under time constraints. Rushing prevents you from boredom. Or, maybe you believe you can constantly squeeze in one more task before leaving. You’re trying to be super efficient + make the most of your time. Or, you easily lose track of time + forget about meetings, as well as your keys or phone. You could also have anxiety over being early. You might be a combination of these. Determine your *why* so that you know how to overcome your tardiness.


In your planner, write down every daily task + how long each takes. Be realistic. While you may want to #RadiatePositiveVibes + be optimistic, recognize that some tasks take longer than you would like, whether it is because of traffic caused by construction or your brain isn’t feeling as productive that day. This may seem tedious at first, but you will soon realize that your inner clock may not be the same as it used to be.


It may seem counterintuitive to take more time to plan ahead, but it will save you in the long-run. If you plan out your outfit + meals the night before ++ create a plan of action to conquer your goals for each day or week you will feel more prepared. If there are fewer obstacles to being on-time, you will have less anxiety + reduce tardiness. If you know your triggers + can plan around them, then you won’t have to worry as much.


Whether you’re sitting on the train, waiting for an appointment, or waiting on your food to cook, you probably resort to certain waiting tasks that are simple + don’t take much time. More often than not, we all resort to scrolling through social media [that inCHAARG insta feed though ; )]. While it is great to catch up with the CHAARG world [++ the rest of the world], find other tasks that are more mindful. Carry a book or have an e-reader app to squeeze in a few pages, call a friend, or look over your schedule. If you have set tasks in mind, you might actually get to your destination earlier because you want time to do that task!


Sometimes you have to say no. If you know you need time to plan ahead for a big day, value your ability to turn down your friend’s movie night invitation. While you may be missing one evening of being social, you could reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by avoiding spreading yourself too thin. Even the most productive people only have 24 hours in a day [even Beyonce ; )] + you have to choose wisely how to spend those hours.

Being chronically late doesn’t have to be a lifelong bad habit. You may be learning how to be a morning person, how to exercise more regularly, how to fall in love with running ++ you can also learn how to be on time. Like breaking any bad habit, be patient with yourself + be #inCHAARG of your life!

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