Ally’s CHAARG Journey Story: Working Out Is No Longer A “Chore”

CHAARG Journey Stories highlight our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, + emotionally. Ally is one of the three winners of the CHAARG 35! We are so happy she fully embraced the CHAARG community throughout the FitPlan + so proud that she found a new meaning of self-care during the past five weeks. Read Ally’s entire CHAARG Journey Story below + her Q + A with us post-FitPlan!


Fitness has been something that has always been incorporated into my life, whether it was being involved in sports while in school to taking full advantage of the rec center during my years of undergrad in college. It wasn’t until I joined the CHAARG Chapter at Auburn during grad school + more specifically, taking on CHAARG 35, that my view of fitness began to change. I joined this FitPlan as a way to hold me accountable in receiving workouts over the course of 5 weeks + to be more involved with the CHAARG community, but I thought it would just stop there.

Before getting started with this FitPlan, I was working out for all the wrong reasons — I would beat myself up for missing a day, refrain from splurging because I would hate how I felt afterwards, + not even bothering to have fun with doing so, simply because it was something I had to do. During the course of these past 5 weeks, I’ve been challenged to reflect on why fitness is so important to me. That’s where I really became invested with wellness. To me, wellness is how I show myself love, take time for self-care, + embrace what my body can do, not what it looks like.  I’ve absolutely loved the insta challenges, + challenges they were, because I was prompted to really take the time to do some self-reflection in order to grow + love on myself ++ also as important, it showed me to have fun + embrace each + every day that passes, striving to make the most of it.

The quotes of the day provided such a great reflection on how I tried to fulfill each day of these past 5 weeks.  The workouts were so great, showing me that variety is key to hitting all the important muscle groups, + guess what… it was actually such a joy to go through them where it didn’t feel like a chore!  The CHAARG podcast has also been such a great resource + stepping stone for me in terms of finding myself, loving myself, + seeking to make a difference in the fitness, health ++ wellness community.

Speaking of community, this FitPlan hit me smack in the face showing me that working out with others is so much more enjoyable.  Whether it was getting my sister to do a workout with me, to my cohort members + of course, the CHAARG community, it makes a world of a difference working out alongside someone who will fill you with nothing but positive vibes + has an interest in fitness ++ health as you do.  Reflecting on these past 5 weeks has me solidifying the question above of what fitness means to me.  Well, working out is a form of self-care to me.  Whether I am swimming, lifting weights, or dancing my heart out, I know that I am doing someone great for my body + I am getting stronger because of it.  I love my body for what it can do + when my body does not want to go on the treadmill, that’s my body telling me something!  Instead, I’m treating myself with more love ++ in particular, with a glass of wine in hand!

CHAARG, I can’t thank you enough for this 5-week journey me + so many other women chose to come on that you established.  I had no idea that I would get so much out of this, + more, that I didn’t even realize coming on this journey.  Already waiting for the next FitPlan to come around!


What is one piece of advice you would give to girls thinking about completing a CHAARG FitPlan?

My advice is to not go into this thinking it’s a chore or something you have to do in order to check off the list. This FitPlan became so much more to me than something on the agenda that I had to do for the day; for me, it encouraged personal growth + showing myself even more love than I did coming in. I so encourage everyone thinking about doing a fit plan to invest in what it has to offer, BUT with that being said… know your body. I learned that balance is totally okay + there would be weeks where I had to listen to my body + put off some of the scheduled workouts until after the FitPlan was over. Listen to your body + be kind to yourself throughout the journey!

How did you connect with other CHAARG 35 with girls in your Chapter? How did you connect with girls outside of Auburn CHAARG?

I will admit, connecting with girls in my chapter doing the FitPlan was hard because I have had such a busy schedule this semester, but that’s where social media comes in handy, + where I can also attribute social media to connecting with other CHAARG members. I made my Instagram handle late in the game, but as I started posting + sharing, I was shocked to see the amount of love a+ encouragement from girls all over! There’s one thing that I’ve learned us CHAARG girls have in common: we have the passion to build each other up, hold each other accountable [even from miles + miles away], + to strive to become beautiful, strong women, inside + out.

What did self-care look like to you before the CHAARG 35?

Haha, self-care was very much non-existent. I knew I loved to workout, but it really did feel like a chore. I’m graduating in May with a mental health counseling degree, + even in our program we stress how important self-care is because how are you best able to help your client when YOU are not your best? Especially through going this journey, CHAARG 35 taught me how to reevaluate my self-care regimen by learning to be kinder to myself, what I need the most in a given moment, + with that, how being my most healthy self can help me be the best version of myself.


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