CHAARG Journey Stories highlight our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, + emotionally. Allison ((@allisonshryock_inchaarg)) is one of the three winners of the CHAARG Bootycamp! <3 Read Allison’s entire CHAARG Journey Story below + her Q + A with us post-FitPlan!


Spring semester I was not able to be as active in CHAARG as I would have liked + I was still unsure if a FitPlan was right for me. I would go to the gym a few times a week but I always just made up my own workouts, I had never had a structured workout program before.

Before the FitPlan, I would have defined a healthy lifestyle as working out every day + eating super healthy. But now I define it as: working out but listening to your body on what it needs, eating healthy but it’s ok to eat pizza + ice cream when you want + supporting other women to do the same. ( S/O to Lydia for the great recipes) The FitPlan came at a weird time for me this summer. I had grown apart from highschool friends, so this was the first summer where I had plenty of ~me~ time. I was in a gym funk after a busy second semester, but I decided to sign up for the FitPlan knowing it would give me something to do. What I didn’t know at that time was that it would give me so much more. The workouts were different + I looked forward to a new one everyday. I’ve never had a fitness routine, however, the CHAARG Bootycamp made me want to workout everyday.

In the beginning, I would only do the workouts at home because a lot of the exercises were new to me so I felt weird doing them somewhere more public. As the FitPlan went on, I began to feel more confident in myself. I decided to do some of them at the gym + at my high school’s football field. What I realized from doing this is that not once was anyone staring at me or watching me workout. I now have the confidence to try new workouts + workout classes because I realized most people are at the gym to live a more healthy lifestyle, not to make fun of others trying to do the same. I also used to feel weird posting “sweaty selfies” on my CHAARG instagram, but now I use it to post all about my workouts, what I did during the day, new recipes + so much more. On days where I didn’t feel like getting up to workout, seeing other girls sweaty selfies really motivated me to get the workout done.

The FitPlan provided me with a community of supportive girls, which is something I really needed this summer. CHAARG Bootycamp picked me up out of my funk + helped me get going on my fitness journey. A lot of the workouts were really hard for me [@ anything involving a side plank or a pyramid workout]  + sometimes I could push through + other times I couldn’t. At first I’d get down on myself for not being able to finish a workout but after awhile I realized that I was still working out + living a healthier lifestyle than I had been. Each week, I noticed that I was making small improvements. For example, I could hold a side plank longer than 15 seconds, I could get farther along in a pyramid workout without having to stop + I could jump rope without tripping over it or having it get stuck on my ponytail. I even learned how to listen to my body to decide what workout was best for when I was really sore or tired. After seeing other girls posts about bullet journaling I decided to give it a try. Even though I am a really organized person, I had never journaled or done anything like it before so I definitely felt weird posting a page from my bullet journal on my CHAARG instagram. While it still is kind of weird to me, I have really liked writing my intentions!

Overall, I really immersed myself in the FitPlan + I am glad I did. Instead of focusing on what my old friends were doing without me, I was able to focus on myself. Now I can’t wait to be back on campus + meet more of the CHAARG community + continue to live a healthier lifestyle.


What inspires + motivates you? I’m inspired by people who try their best + are happy with the results. I’ve learned from these people that there are some things I can’t control + that I need to accept that I did my best. I’m motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle + be content with myself.

What was your favorite aspect of the FitPlan + why? Following other girls from different schools on instagram. I learned so many new recipes, workouts + ideas!

The CHAARG Bootycamp challenged me to… Step outside of my comfort zone. A lot of the workouts were mentally + physically hard for me. But by the end, the workouts got easier, + if I couldn’t finish a workout I was ok with that!

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