Overcoming the *All-Or-Nothing* Mindset

Many times, we decide to put our all into something + *go big or go home.* Whether it be for a job, our education, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we begin to develop an *all-or-nothing* mindset. We feel we have to do everything perfectly or do nothing at all. We may spend weeks eating clean + working out consistently, but one bad day sets us off track. This mindset can negatively affect our lives when we allow one slip-up to destroy our progress. When we find ourselves thinking with the *go big or go home* motto in our minds, we need to take a few moments to reflect on how far we’ve come + remind ourselves that we don’t have to be perfect —


Getting off track when working towards a goal may happen along the way, but we can’t let it ruin all progress. When we do something we know won’t help toward our goal, we must remember that it’s okay + allow ourselves to move past it. Forgiving ourselves is key in moving forward. No matter how far you’ve gone down the wrong path, it’s never too late to turn back. Straying from your goal does not mean you have to leave it behind. It’s never too late to forgive yourself + get back on track!


It’s important to take a step back + reflect on all you’ve accomplished! We often get so caught up in where we’re headed, we forget to look at where we’ve been. Celebrating your successes can help remind you of all you’ve done + keep you moving forward. When we remember + acknowledge our successes, we can be filled with pride at all we’ve done, regardless of the mistakes or setbacks we faced. Focusing on the successes helps to break the *all-or-nothing* mindset that any mistake destroys all we’ve worked toward.


Remember that goal you set at the beginning of this journey? Maybe you wanted to work toward feeling good in your skin or finish this semester strong. The goals we set are so, so important — they give us something to work toward. They’re what keeps us motivated to keep going even when all we want to do is curl up with a blanket + take a nap. When we think of our goals, we have to remember the journey to achieve them is filled with ups + downs. Keep your sight set on your goal + continue working towards it no matter what happens!


It’s never too late to start again! Even if you got off track + feel you have to give up completely on your goal because you didn’t do everything perfectly, you can always try again. Take a day to clear your mind + push away the negative speech you may be giving yourself, then keep moving forward towards that goal you set! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

The *all-or-nothing* mindset can be harmful toward achieving your goals! Next time you feel yourself thinking you have to do everything perfectly, remember that no journey is going to go on without a bump in the road. You’ve got this!

++ Beth [bethb_inchaarg] // GVSU CHAARG

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