We’re Talking Gut Health: All About Pro + Prebiotics

We hear all the time that gut health is so important, but how exactly can you keep your *gut* healthy? Two things that can be beneficial are prebiotics + probiotics but what does this entail? Below we’re covering what your body needs, why you need them, + how you take them!


Probiotics are live bacteria that essentially clean out the gut. They help food digest, destroy *bad* bacteria, + keep the gastrointestinal tract in check. They’re found in certain foods such as cultures of dairy [yogurt with raw milk + unpasteurized], sauerkraut, miso, kombucha + pickles, or in the form of supplements [pills or powder].

Prebiotics, simply, are food for probiotics. They’re non-digestible fiber that *live* inside the large intestine. They’re found in certain foods such as raw dandelion greens, raw garlic, raw leeks, raw onion + raw asparagus.


  • Help you digest food + reduce IBS symptoms
  • Helps intestines produce vitamins
  • Can strengthen your immune system
  • Reduces inflammation + can help allergy-related skin issues [eczema, acne + rosacea]

Read all about the benefits more in detail here!


Pro//prebiotics found in food can be just as beneficial as taking a supplement, so it’s really a personal decision on if you think you need a supplement — a supplement, can however, ensure you are getting the same amount each + every day [definitely consult your physician about this if you are considering introducing a supplement!]. If you choose to use a supplement, make sure you look for natural ingredients, non-GMO, + Lactobacillus ++ Bifidobacterium in your strains [the more overall strains the better]. Brand we love = Ora Organic.

Quick warning before introducing probiotics into your diet [because we love ya ; )]… starting probiotics can cause slight gas//abdominal discomfort, but this should go away in the first few days! If you have a medical condition or compromised immune system, definitely consult a doctor before starting any probiotic supplements.

Do you use pro//prebiotics? Let us know on insta! Stay tuned for recipes including probiotic powder.

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