In Line With Luna: Aligning With Moon Cycles

You’ve heard it before, + I’m saying it again — if the Moon affects the tides of the ocean, then it surely affects humans, seeing as we’re made of 70% water! In Astrology, the Moon is considered “female,” so just as it has a gravitational pull on the Earth + oceans, it also has a gravitational pull on our brains, emotions, + monthly cycles. That being said, we can focus our intentions to match what each of the four moon cycles [explained below] brings us in order to maximize our time//energies.

Also known as the Dark Moon, this is the first lunar phase when the Moon + Sun have the same “ecliptic longitude,” meaning it looks like the dark side of the moon is facing us. This mystical silhouette in the sky signals preparation for a new cycle + encourages still//focused beginnings, both a fresh start + a time of retreat. The new moon phase is the most powerful time for new beginnings, planting seeds, setting intentions, + spending time reflecting inward. You can think of your intentions + goals for the month as the seeds + the focused//empowered energy within you as the fertile ground in which you plant them.

You might notice an increase in appetite during this time. As you spend time reflecting//self-questioning, sudden insights + new ideas may come to you. Journaling during this phase is the perfect way to keep all your thoughts in order + keep track of your emotions. This phase will last about 4 days, so you’ll have a cozy amount of time to settle into yourself + your goals!

The next moon phase lasts about 14 days —  including the crescent moon + first quarter moon. Themes for this phase include building, accomplishments, fertility, + creation. The time between the new moon + the full moon also symbolizes the maturation of the ovum in menstrual cycles. Every evening the waxing moon gains in size, everything accumulates, + all your intentions//goals//inquiries build in power. While tapping into your creativity to visualize your end results, this is the perfect time for laying the groundwork for your next project + doing the work that will bring your intentions//goals to fruition [i.e. brainstorming ideas, paper outlines, contacting resources for help, ++ focusing your energy on what’s to come]!

You may feel more energized//extroverted during this time — being motivated to tackle your goals + crush extra sweat seshes. Plans will develop more easily during this time + you may end up taking on more than you can handle, so be mindful of what you’re putting on your plate. After #ReCHAARGing under the new moon, you’ll find yourself illuminating with the waxing moon!

During this three day period, the Sun + Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, so the Moon appears fully illuminated. The Goddess of Motherhood + Emotions rules the full moon, so expect fertility + emotions to be high at this time. Be mindful of your relationships + try not to get too attached to anything during this time. Contemplating decisions is good, but wait until the waning moon to make any final decisions.

Ayurveda teaches that the full moon contains all the attributes of feminine power, meaning this is when a woman is at her strongest. If your intentions were written down, do something empowering to assert them! There’s lots to celebrate! The full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon, so harvest your *crops* + reap the benefits of the *seeds* you planted during the new moon! PS // the full moon is the perfect time to plan CHAARG socials ; )

The waning moon is the opposite of the waxing moon + lasts about 11 days. Themes for this lunar phase include gratitude, release, + surrender. If there’s anything that held you back during the waxing moon phase preventing you from aligning with yourself, make sure to make note of that + do releasing rituals during the waning phase. A great practice for this time is a cleanse of some sort. Maybe that’s a closet purge, letting go of negative influences in your life, or releasing your mind from any clutter.

Don’t worry about resetting intentions during this moon — you’ll have plenty of time for that during the next new moon! As tasks are wrapping up + projects are finalizing, you may feel a dip in energy from all the hard work you’ve done. Surrender to that — rest, relax, + replenish ; ) You deserve it!

Allowing yourself to fall into a flow that aligns with the Moon can be empowering + fulfilling. Even if you don’t believe in or understand Astrology + how all that affects you, giving yourself the patience to have reflection weeks is important. Life is all about balance + flow, so why not flow with the Moon?

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