Alexis’s CHAARG Journey: Mind + Body + Soul Transformation

Okay, so let me just start off by saying that CHAARG has completely changed my life. I cannot lie — I was a bit hesitant to join CHAARG because usually organizations like this are not welcoming to people who aren’t already fit + model-ish. I can assure you though, that CHAARG is the complete opposite. As soon as I joined, I gained a family [insert crying noises here]. I honestly did. Joining CHAARG was the best decision I could ever make!


Right around the time that I joined CHAARG, the advertisements for the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP were being displayed everywhere on Facebook, so I gave it a shot. I came in wanting to lose weight, but I learned to love myself. If I could tell my pre-CHAARG BOOTYCAMP self one thing, it would be to ditch the idea of losing weight.

Now, of course, losing weight sounds great when it comes to a fitness lifestyle, but over the course of these last 6 weeks, I learned that it is not the most *important* thing. My happiness, sanity, + overall well-being is worth so much more than a number on a scale.

So, for the entire CHAARG BOOTYCAMP, I ditched the scale — something I would have never done in the past, ++ I am so much happier without it! I did have to cheat a little by stepping on the scale to submit labs to my doctors + you know what, I lost a whopping 6 pounds. That’s it. Now check me out — I would’ve probably sulked, maybe cried, felt defeated, or even succumbed to my binge eating problem, but I didn’t because I have grown so much as a person. 

From insta [@alexiskerr_inCHAARG]: Let me tell you all something: I had to step on the scale today, because I have to submit some medical stuff to my doctor. I have dropped like 6 pounds [not what I wanted to see, but keep reading] — BUT, I have learned something. #1] That number does not define who I am, how much muscle I have, my mental + physical improvement, or how happy I am! #2] I may have only lost like 6 pounds, but ALL of my clothes are super loose, PLUS, I have been able to shop in mainstream stores [Charlotte Rousse, JC Penny, etc which I couldn’t do before or was too embarrassed to because nothing fit. FYI I just spent $60 on some clothes + everything I tried on FIT! #NSV]. #3] My legs, thighs, arms + back are super toned + muscular, so I’m happy either way! Scale means nothing to me. It used to be the one things holding me back [I would get discouraged if I saw no change]… not anymore, this #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP has changed the way I see fitness + assessment. I’m KILLING the game.

I do not need a number on a scale to define my worth. Actually, talking about binge eating, I finally admitted that I have, or should I say HAD a problem with that. It took me years to do that, but I admitted it on my #inCHAARG insta + honestly I feel relieved. That’s definitely one thing I love about my CHAARG family — I can be real with these girls [who I just met + already love!].

I gained so much more than confidence over these 6 weeks. I am truly happy. I have never felt this way + I am so excited because I am truly happy! I am also turning into someone who loves fitness, which is great! It is crazy how much I have grown, + honestly, these past 6 weeks have been the best time of my life. I had a chance to work on my personal goals of self-discipline, confidence + butt kicking, which I totally conquered. Did I mention that I am so happy?

This CHAARG BOOTYCAMP taught me that it is okay to fail — that is one of best lessons I learned. I used to constantly beat myself up for missing a workout, which would cause me to miss an entire week of workouts. But through these past 6 weeks, I learned to take breaks, enjoy the moments, love life, + of course be happy!

I’m forever grateful for CHAARG! 


#CHAARGJourney highlights our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, emotionally. Alexis was one of the two winners of the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP 2016. We could not be more proud of her for finally loving her body + ditching the scale! : ) We can’t wait to watch her continue her journey at UCF CHAARG [one of our newest Chapters!] this fall!

Alexis [@alexiskerr_inchaarg], UCF CHAARG

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