The Beauty of an Air Fryer: 4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Oil Frying

By now, you probably have heard of the appliance that has taken over almost everyone’s kitchens. To making french fries, chicken nuggets, + even wings ALL without the greasiness of oil — the air fryer is the kitchen appliance that you should definitely consider getting + here’s why!



An air fryer is a compact, countertop convection oven that uses superheated airflow to convert moisture into mist. The dry heat that circulates through the compact space penetrates the food from the outside in, therefore cooking the food + creating a crispy ++ “fried” texture that you would traditionally get from frying in oil. 



This is probably the best benefit [health + cost wise] of investing in an air fryer! Because of the high heat that “fries” your food in an air fryer, there is no need to bathe whatever you’re cooking in oil. This feat ensures that you avoid the unhealthy trans-fats or saturated fats that clog your system from large amounts of oil + overly greasy foods. Though, if you want to add a touch of more crisp to your food, adding a bit of oil [not as much as you would add in a deep fryer] never hurt anybody!



For college girls constantly on the go, the air fryer is perfect for cooking actual meals in a time crunch. With the high temperature of an air fryer, onion rings can be cooked in about 8 minutes, corn on the cob in 6 minutes, + good ol’ sweet potato fries in 5 minutes : )! Check out this Avocado Chicken Slider recipe that features Sweet Potato Fries that you could definitely try making with the air fryer.



This kitchen appliance is SO easy to use, that even kids can fully function it! With easy retrieval, as it doesn’t require you to touch any hot surface, + having presets that could be effortlessly operated — there’s no doubt that a stranger to the kitchen can use an air fryer with success. Usually, the basics to operating the machine are just manning the temperature adjuster + the cook time. 



Since the greasiness + smell of oil is absent when using an air fryer, the clean up is easy + quick. An air fryer is usually accompanied by a small non-stick smooth pan//rack + simply rinsing it with soap + water will do the job. Some air fryers are also dishwasher safe, so putting the removable parts into the dishwasher along with your other dishes is equally as easy + efficient. The small size of them are also a plus for cleaning up + storing away! 



Although there are super technologically advanced air fryers on the market right now that could go for as much as $200-$300, there are a ton of affordable options that you can buy! Here are 5 of our favorite air fryers under $100 that work great + are budget friendly: 

1] Ultrean Air Fryer — $59.99 

2] OMORC Air Fryer — $84.99

3] Chefman Air Fryer — $29.99

4] Farberware Air Fryer — $39.00

5] Gourmia Air Fryer — $59.99


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