Adulting Tips: 7 Simple Moves That Will Change Your Career

Now that the holidays are over + it’s officially 2016, it’s time ta #GetToWork. Whether you’ve been *adulting* for a year, a few months, or just a few weeks, the start of a new year is the perfect time to set the bar higher for your career.

It takes a while to adjust to a new job + settle into this unfamiliar *adult* lifestyle, especially when we’re so used to the college grind. You may be feelin’ a little uneasy about not heading back to school this semester, but entering the 9-5 world also presents several new opportunities — more creative freedom, the ability to have more of a voice + inspire change, ++ determine your own success [not to mention — no more homework ; )]. Getting ahead + being a #girlboss at work isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Try these 7 simple tips that will change your career in 2016!


Be a #goaldigger at work. Career goals become real once they’re written down, just like your fit goals. The first step to owning your career is to define what you want to accomplish over the year. Set up monthly, quarterly + semi-annual mini goals to help you get to your end goal. Keep these hanging by your computer or at your desk for you + your co-workers to see + hold you accountable!


Your supervisor // boss is one of your best resources to help you advance in your career + completely crush your goals. Good leaders want to see you succeed, + great leaders are more than willing to help you advance on a professional level. No matter how full their calendar may be, don’t hesitate to reach out for help + suggest regular one-on-one meetings to review your goals, projects you’re taking on, + your future endeavors.


We know what you’re thinking — “Why do I need a watch when I can look at my phone for the time?” In reality, it’s much easier to stay on task + keep track of your time by checking a watch vs. your phone. It only takes a couple seconds to look down at your wrist + note the time. ++ although pulling out your phone doesn’t take up much time either, it does lead to temptation to check messages + social media, breaking your productivity + focus. Invest in a timeless + fashionable watch to wear to work every day to stay on top of your game.


We all need breaks from the grind to regroup + refresh. Allow yourself a few 10-minute blocks throughout the work day to see what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat, etc. When you have set times of the day [say 10 am, 1 pm + 4 pm] when you know you can scroll through your phone, you’re more likely to stay on task at work. ++ the less frequently you *check in*, the more new content there is to consume — making every second of your 10-minute break worthwhile.


More help, more responsibility, more time, more money — whatever it is, don’t be afraid to go for it. In the adult world, only you have the power to communicate what you need + when you need it — your co-workers // boss will not proactively ask you every day. They cannot predict your needs. Be clear + concise if you need something at work. The worst that can be said is *no* — it’s always worth asking!


You may not have the power to determine the lighting, decor + atmosphere in your office, but you can create your own space at your desk. Ask yourself, “How do I work best?” + create your optimal work environment from there. Need natural light? Ask to sit by a window, or use a Halogen light bulb to mimic daylight. Choose desk decor [plants, photos, inspirational quotes, etc.] that keep you focused + ready to #work. Listen to a killer playlist or your favorite podcast to get you in the zone. Make your space yours.


When you physically leave work, make sure to also *mentally* leave work, at work. Setting boundaries for yourself + your co-workers is essential to stay invested + productive while on the job. Staying constantly plugged in to your work life can leave you feeling burned out + unmotivated quickly — don’t let it come to this! It’s difficult to not think about work outside of the office [we do spend ~40 hours per week there!] but remember that your job title does not define you as a person. Don’t forget to cultivate your hobbies, relationships, passions + most importantly — yourself! 


What are some of your best tips to getting ahead + feeling #inCHAARG of your career?

We’d love to hear ‘em! Share with us in the comments : )

+xo Natalie [@natalie_inchaarg], VirtCHAARG // Grand Rapids

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