Adrianna’s CHAARG Journey Story: The Right Kind Of Selfish

CHAARG Journey Stories highlight our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, + emotionally. Adrianna is one of the three winners of the CHAARG 35! We are so proud of her for the transformation she made in her body image throughout this FitPlan + her dedication to becoming the BEST version of herself. Read Adrianna’s entire CHAARG Journey Story below + her Q + A with us post-FitPlan!


When it came time to sign up for #CHAARG35, I was up in the air on whether I wanted to sign up or not. One day, I was like “you know what, I’m just going to do it” ++ I am so thankful that I did. Last semester, I fell off my fitness journey. I gave up on myself. I was tired all the time + busy with my class schedule. I convinced myself that the way I ate + treated my body was the best thing for me. I struggled with sleeping through the night + was in a horrible, sad funk. I showed up to Studio Spotlights + Small Groups, but that was my only time at the gym.

The New Year came around + my resolution was to be “fit, fab, + twenty-fun”. I knew my school schedule would be less intense from the fall + I was ready to tackle what I wanted to work on. I had no idea what I was expecting when #CHAARG35 was announced. I’ve never participated in a FitPlan before, but the quote “If 21 days makes a habit, why not try for 35?” had me hooked. I needed to make my mental, physical, + emotional health a priority + a habit. I needed to spend time working on myself + only myself.

When we had to fill out our FitGoal, I chose weight loss. I vowed to myself, over the 35 days of #CHAARG35, I would not weigh myself. I wanted to see my progress on the scale when I got home for Spring Break. The workouts in this FitPlan were so different from any of the other workouts I would do at the gym, which typically involved the weighted machines + some cardio. It gets boring after a few weeks of doing the exact same workout machines. I was ready for the exercise change up.

These workouts pushed my limits. They worked muscles I didn’t even know I had! I love leaving the gym. I feel confident, sweaty, + happy. A side effect that came with changing my routines – I slept so much better. I get deeper nights sleep [I still struggle to get through the night – I have a bad mattress] + wake up feeling refreshed. I feel lively + joyful each day. I’ve changed the way I act + think of myself. I keep saying: “this is my year. This year is about me. I am at the peak of my life + I need to start making decisions for myself.”

#CHAARG35 has made me the right kind of selfish. I’ve stopped worrying about other people more than I’ve worried for myself. I need to focus on the important things in my own life, whether that be turning away from people who bring me down or bad habits of mine.

I am nobody else’s responsibility but my own. I am the best version of me that I can be. #CHAARG35 has taught me that. I don’t care about the weight I see on the scale. When I came home for Spring Break, I had only lost .5 of a pound + I am not the least bit upset about that. I know I am fit. I am toned. I am stronger than I was 35 days ago + that’s all that matters.

This picture below [on the right] is from the beginning of March 2018. I love this picture because I feel like it radiates my happiness and confidence in myself. Pre-#CHAARG35 Adrianna would’ve thought my arms were too big + my dress was too wrinkled to share this picture, but I LOVE myself. I think I look so good. My curves are more defined. My arms are more toned. I have the confidence to wear sleeveless dresses on a public television station. I am obsessed with my “baby abs” that I have forming. My legs are toned + muscular versus what I used to think were embarrassing + insisted on hiding my cellulite. 

I am so happy I took the leap and signed up for #CHAARG35. This FitPlan has taught me more things about myself than I could’ve ever imagined. I have become a happier human being + ultimately made my life + relationships with others stronger. I am so thankful for what CHAARG has done for my life + I’m glad I found my girls in this amazing, powerful group. The future truly is CHAARG!


What inspires + motivates you?

When I joined CHAARG, I found a community that pushes me + encourages me to work on myself. CHAARG inspires me each day to get up + go even when I don’t feel like it. I will scroll through my #inCHAARG insta + I think “they’re doing it, so I can too!”

What advice would you give to girls who say they might be “too busy” to complete a CHAARG FitPlan?

I always talked myself out of doing the FitPlans until this year. It’s more than a workout plan for you, it’s mental game you have to play with yourself. Setting aside 45 minutes to an hour a day to work on making a healthier you is more important than laying in your bed for that extra hour scrolling through your phone. By the end of the FitPlan, I wasn’t finding time for the workouts, I was making time for them.

What did self-care look like to you before the CHAARG 35?

Before CHAARG 35, self-care was face masks + staying in on Saturday nights to binge Netflix documentaries + eat pizza. It was the social media “perfect” way that you’re supposed to love yourself. But self-care goes beyond that.

Finish this sentence : ) — The CHAARG 35 challenged me to…

CHAARG 35 challenged me to push myself to do things I never would’ve thought I could do. I didn’t think I would be able to complete 35 days of self-love, self-care, + fitness. CHAARG 35 challenged me to love myself more than I ever thought possible + with a positive mind, you can do anything.

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