Learn To Love Your Skin: Myths About Acne

Acne is a very common issue that we all have probably dealt with in our teen years or are still dealing with today. Ranging from white + black heads to a cystic form, acne has different presentations for different skin types + can be permanently damaging not only to one’s skin but also to confidence level. Here’s five myths that have us wishing it was that easy to figure out why our skin is the way it is!


People often falsely correlate aggressive + frequent face washing with healthy ++ clear skin when that is not the case at all. In reality, washing your face constantly with an aggressive face wash will actually worsen the skin by drying it out + irritating it [here are some tips to help with dry skin!]. Although comedones, also known as black + white heads, are sometimes caused by bacteria, acne is actually due to the abnormal keratinization of the skin. This is why those with a more stubborn case of acne are prescribed with retinoids + medications such as Accutane [learn more about Accutane here] because it helps to normalize keratinization, or the process of maturation of skin cells as they move through the surfaces of the skin.


We’ve all needed that quick fix right before leaving the house to go to an event or even just to class. You’ve complained to all your friends about the stubborn pimple you’ve had for days that has embedded itself into your cozy skin + get asked why you haven’t just popped it away yet. It seems simple — you squeeze the gross pus out of your pimple + you’re all set. In actuality, superficial fixes for acne such as popping pimples could risk spreading infection, permanent scarring, + deeper inflammation.


While pizza, chocolate, french fries, + cake are not the best for our overall health, they do not cause acne or make it worse. Though we sometimes see a link between diet + acne, the relationship is not what we may assume. Eating oil + fatty rich foods may not have an impact on our skin’s health, but getting that grease onto our skin can clog pores that lead to acne breakouts!


Sometimes we silently suffer through harsh acne breakouts — hoping that just because we’re young, it’ll all go away when we’re older. It is easy to see how this myth came about its prevalence — about 85% of adolescents experience some form of acne. Though some people’s acne does diminish with age, a significant number of adults are still getting acne well into their 30s, 40s, + 50s. Acne may look different from when you were 16 compared to when you’re 25 + hormone fluctuation may be the cause of it!


Yes, sometimes makeup can exacerbate the skin + clog your pores. Though, this usually happens with thicker foundations + heavier coverage makeup that obviously are not the best option for inflamed skin. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup at all! Lighter, oil-free foundations + looser powders aren’t nearly as detrimental ++ will do the trick with covering dark//red spots produced by breakouts! Here’s some great skincare items that are perfect for acne prone or sensitive skin!

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