Don’t Sit In Your Own Pee: A Lesson In Asking For Help

I should have known better. This nearly exact situation happened a couple years ago — the only difference is last time, I sat in a puddle of pee for 7 hours. YUM.

STORY TIME : ) [To save those of you guys who get grossed out easily, I’m just going to lay out the framework — you can use your imagination however you fancy!]

The First Episode

Where: On a plane from London to Chicago

When: Two years ago, about an hour into the plane ride [the flight is 9 hours, aha]

What: I passed out on the plane + peed my pants

Why?! I had to go pee SO badly before passing out… but I was in the window seat [this situation is why I will NEVER sit middle or window seat again] + an elderly couple was sitting next to me… SLEEPING. I didn’t want to wake them up so I continued watching the movie Selena, hoping they’d eventually get up soon so that I could go to the bathroom. In Selena, there’s a shot of her in the hospital room — everything is black + white, besides a huge IV that’s drawing bright red blood from her body. I AM NOT A BLOOD PERSON. Like, even writing this out make me so queasy. Instantly, I started to feel very hot + lightheaded… I stood up to try to find a flight attendant to help me… next thing I know, I woke up in my seat… + realized that #1] I didn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore, + #2] my entire pants//jacket//backpack were soaked. There was pee everywhere. ++ THE COUPLE NEXT TO ME WAS STILL SLEEPING. I was so embarrassed + disgusted + a little scared — I had no idea how long I had passed out for, but it must have been a decent amount of time if I was able to go THAT much pee. I wrapped my lower body in a blanket to “contain it” + just sat it in for the rest of the flight. The only thing that prevented me from not gagging was the airplane food masking the smell of the pee. Yup, nashtyyy.

The Second Episode

Where: On a plane from Chicago to Taipei

When: Two hours into the plane ride [the flight is SIXTEEN hours long]

What: I passed out on the plane + peed my pants

Why?! I thought it would be a good idea [face palm] to watch 127 Hours. For those of you guys who don’t know the storyline… it’s a true story of a mountain climber who’s ARM becomes trapped under a boulder. AND HE SURVIVES. + not because the boulder eventually moves. Obviously there’s going to be blood! He literally cuts his arm off… with a swiss arm knife. I can’t even talk about this. For those of you who can deal with blood — major, major props. Please share your wisdom.

Anyways. As you might imagine, from the title of this post — I passed out, peed my pants, but also ASKED FOR HELP. Instead of being shy + embarrassed + uncomfortable, I was vulnerable + allowed myself to be helped.

The first thing I did was tell the flight attendant + asked her if I could switch seats. She found me an aisle seat with no one sitting in the middle [EVEN BETTER]. I went to the back of the plane to get OJ, + the guy waiting in the line for the bathroom could tell I didn’t feel good. He asked if I was okay, + I straight up told him… “I just passed out + peed my pants.” He told me to give him my right hand. He started to press on the pressure point between my thumb + index finger. It hurt so badly. He told me to take 5 breaths — inhale, hold for five seconds, + exhale out slowly. As I continued breathing, the pain went away. It was the craziest thing. ++ then he began massaging my right arm + neck. I was literally crying at this point because I was so thankful that a stranger could be so nice. The last thing he did was put his hands on my temples + third eye. He told me to drink water with lemon + rest. I hugged him after, still tearing up + thanked him immensely.

When I got to my new seat, a couple flight attendants came to my side, giving me water with lemon, oil for my temples + under my nose, a bag for my *pee-on clothes* ++ pjs to change into. They were so sweet. Even when I woke up from my nap, they continued to check up on me + make sure that I was feeling alright. [The airline is Eva Air — highly recommend!]

While yes, both stories are absolutely hilarious + a great answer to “what’s your most embarrassing moment” — there is also a lesson that was learned: ASK FOR HELP.

It’s so easy to go through life not asking for help — whether it’s because we are too stubborn, too shy, or just too lazy. Asking for help should not be perceived as a sign of “weakness.” Not only are people typically more than happy to help others, it also can strengthen your relationships with others because you are showing vulnerability [++ that will most likely cause them to be vulnerable with you, too!].

Journal — What do you need help with at this moment? Who can you turn to for advice? [even if that *someone* is Google!] We live in a day + age where we have access to SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE at our fingertips! I have many ~mentors~ [most of which I’ve never met, + they have no idea who I am] from the internet… I learn from them via books, podcasts, instagram, etc!

Rooting for you always, + please know you can always come to me for help//advice!

PS // Who has an embarrassing story that can top that? I wanna hear!

++ Elisabeth

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