A Day In The Life Of A CHAARG Ambassador

I am often asked, “How do you do it all?” As the Ambassador of UC CHAARG, a weekly volunteer at a non-profit, a part-time employee at a local fitness studio, a member of my sorority’s Chapter Council, ++ of course, a student — I can be a pretty busy girl. I have always been the go-getter, the dream chaser, + the girl who is always way too happy for a Monday morning which often leads to a hectic schedule.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life.” After all, as college students, we are all very busy bees ++ when you make time for all of the things in life that are truly important to you, you’ll learn that you do, in fact, have just enough time in the day to “do it all.” Read on for a glimpse of what it is like to be a CHAARG Ambassador ++ see what my daily schedule [on a Monday] looks like!

Disclaimer: I am beyond lucky to say that I have met other CHAARG Ambassadors + they are all on my list of the most amazing humans I know. Their daily schedules probably look a lot different than mine so this may not be a carbon copy of their daily schedules. We all have our own unique flows + rhythms ++ there is no specific *method to the madness* which is one of the things that makes working with these women so incredible!

.     .     .

7:00 AM // Rise + shine! It’s the first day of the month + I am snuggled up on the couch with my planner [which is my non-bible, bible], avocado toast, + a strong cup of coffee. I check the CHAARG Exec Newsletter – an email from Sarah that comes twice a month with everything my team + I would need to know. I write dates in my planner + set reminders for myself to check-in with my team about everything mentioned. I also log into our CHAARG Leadership Portal – a resource for all CHAARG Exec Leaders to help us lead our Chapters to the best of our abilities + find any resources I might need for the month there. 

7:45 AM // I typically head to the Rec Center at this time to get my daily sweat sesh in! I LOVE starting my days early, especially Mondays.

10:10 AM // It’s time for class! After working out + having a little me-time at Starbucks with my second cup of coffee [early mornings mean #treatyoself], I am on my way to the College of Business for my back-to-back Marketing + Information Systems classes.

12:10 PM // My first two classes of the day are over which means that I have one left in the afternoon ++ I have plenty of time to head home in between classes to make lunch [I am on the biggest quesadilla kick right now] + work on homework/study – I luckily live right across the street from campus!  

3:35 PM // Back to the College of Business I go for the last class of my day making sure to wear my FitBit to get my steps in ; )

4:30 PM // After class I either make my way to the library if I have a project or exam coming up or to work on CHAARG Strong. CHAARG Strong is our optional leadership development course offered to all CHAARG exec leaders. Then I’ll get ready for our Weekly Workout* – Mondays are my favorite day of the week <3

6:30 PM // I am off to our Weekly Workout* on campus! I always meet my Exec Team there 30 minutes early to make sure everything in the room is prepared [music, lights, etc.] + meet our fabulous instructor of the week. Since our event coordinators are the ones who mainly work with studios to plan our events, I love going into our events not really knowing what the event will be like – it reminds me of when I was a general member of my CHAARG chapter + I am always super excited to try a new workout every week! We have two sessions for our Weekly Workouts because we are a bigger chapter ++ I always stay for both – not only to see all of our members, but to be around the positive energy.

*A Weekly Workout is a weekly event we have that is open to the entire chapter to sign up for. We bring in a fitness instructor, nutritionist, or speaker from the area ++ they lead a workout or discussion! We have done anything from Salsa Dancing to CrossFit to pilates!

8:15PM // After our second session ends, I make sure that the space is cleaned up + no one left anything behind [we all know what a lost S’well bottle feels like] ++ I head home for the night… or get fro-yo with CHAARG girls : )

9:00 PM // This is when I start winding down for the night – I always need at least an hour of *me-time* before bed to slow my mind down, especially after a Monday! This time is usually spent reading with a cup of tea, watching a documentary on Netflix, or late night chats with my roommates.

.     .     .

Are you interested in being a CHAARG Ambassador + bringing CHAARG to your campus? Applications are open!


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