9 Tips on Making the Best of a Bad Day

Everyone has bad days, + in college, they can seem a million times worse. For example, a few weeks ago, I woke up late on the morning of an exam, rushed to class + still got there a few minutes late… + then, completely failed it. I definitely overreacted a bit at first, but I had to remember that my mindset is everything + I am in complete control over how I react to the things that happen to me. I did a lot of things to turn my day around + it ended up being great! Below are some of our favorite tips on getting through bad days.

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#1] Cry if you need to — Know that it’s okay to let your emotions take over for a moment + cry. It is a completely human reaction to something bad happening to you, so let it happen!

#2] Start over — Wash your face, change into a new outfit, or even take some time to rest if you can before continuing your day. This act of starting over can make you feel a lot better than you think.

#3] Eat something — Have something healthy if you think that will make you feel better or maybe indulge a little with your favorite food or dessert. Better yet, have a meal with a friend or a family member that you can talk it out with!

#4] Talk with a friend — We all know how much better we feel about a bad situation after we rant about it with a friend, but choose this person wisely! Try to talk with someone you know can help you spin it in a positive way, rather than someone who will sulk with you + respond with “that’s too bad.” 

#5] Give a few compliments — This can be in any form you want! Write a note, compliment a random stranger, or text a bunch of your friends your favorite qualities about them. Spreading the love to others can help you find it within yourself! 

#6] Journal about it — Getting all of your negative feelings out on paper helps you to put things into perspective, so do just that! Write down all that you are feeling + we guarantee that you will feel at least a little bit better. Also, you can practice gratitude journaling to make even your best days even better! : )

#7] Meditate on it — Meditating, or even just simply slowing down for a few moments to breathe in the middle of a hectic day can do wonders for your mental state. Need somewhere to start? Click here!

#8] Sweat it out — Channel all of your negative energy into a workout! This is a tried + true method that always helps put us into a better mood! Check out some of our favorites here!

#9] Keep up the self love — Don’t blame yourself. Everyone has bad days, + it’s important to remember this. You’re doing great, just keep in mind that it will get better! Need some inspo? Check this out!

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Above all, just remember that mindset is everything + you are in control of all that you feel. How do you get through bad days? Let us know on Instagram with #inCHAARG!


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