8 Ways To Become a Morning Person

Ahh…mornings. We all seem to have a love//hate relationship with them. I for one love mornings, but this is a relatively new thing. You have all heard of the now infamous LSU #6AMCrew [crazy to see other universities with their own #CHAARG6AMcrew now! CHAARG on y’all!]. The group started off with me trying to somehow fit in my Fall FitPlan workouts + realizing that the only time I could was at 6 AM. I won’t lie to ya — it wasn’t easy at first. Somedays it was just downright hard. But other days getting up before the sun rose + crushing my workout for the day before most of the world was even awake gave me a huge sense of accomplishment!

I am a person who deeply values sleeping — so I definitely feel for you lovers of sleep! But once you get into a routine + try a few of our tips, I promise it is not as hard as you think — you might even enjoy waking up before the sun comes up — just maybe ; )


CHAARG is all about empowering//motivating each other — what better way to enjoy your morning workout than to have a friend’s [or friends] smiling face push you through the entire workout? I used to be a person who loved to workout alone but I didn’t realize how beneficial workout out with a group is — especially at 6 AM. Having a partner//group makes you feel obligated to show up ++ it makes it a heck of a lot more for fun [not to mention it makes for great post workout selfies ; )].


We all dread that first beeping noise of our alarm clocks! Having that buzzer wake you up is one way to do it — but having a motivational quote to go along with it makes it a lot more pleasant! Try adding a quote to your alarm clock on your phone so the first thing you see when you go to turn it off is an inspiring quote! Quotes like, *Remember why you started* + *YOU got this!* + *Be the inspiration* + *I WILL WHAT I WANT* will give you that extra push to roll out of bed + start your day off right!


Blaring happy tunes + good vibes when you wake up is a sure fire way to brighten your morning! Put on one of the CHAARG 8tracks playlist like Seaside Love, Get Up, or Lovely Coffee Jams ++ you will not be disappointed! This is something I have recently started doing + it has totally been working! Having music going in the background while you brush your teeth + put on your shoes will have you dancing your way to a beautiful morning!


When I was little my Mom always told me to lay my clothes out before school. I used to dread doing it because I was always so tired the night before + didn’t feel like putting in any more effort. Today, I am so glad my mom drilled that mantra into my brain because it makes all the difference! Think about it — when you wake up in the morning you are already tired//groggy — having to stumble around your room to find an outfit + get everything together the morning of will just put you in a bad mood. Try laying out your clothes in the order you put them on… [sounds silly but try this + tell me it doesn’t make things easier]! To make things even more easier pack up anything you’ll need for the next day, too — your backpack + lunch box + gym bag, etc. I typically put all of my bags for the day right next to each other with my clothes//shoes for the next day on top! That way I’m not running around wondering where my shoes or backpack is!


Wearing bright colors has been scientifically proven to brighten your mood — or at least it should be ; ) Be your own sunshine by busting out your brightest + most colorful fitgear! Not only will putting on your fav//brightest outfit brighten your own mood it may just brighten someone else’s! Feeling like a rockstar when walking into the gym will increase your self confidence + make you have a great workout ++ then make ya have a great day — #BOOM science.


For those of you who have read The Happiness Project this will sound extra familiar. When I read this I knew I had to try it ++ wow, does it make a difference! We all have that one song that just hit us//motivates us//makes us want to do a backflip for joy//makes us want to take the world by storm. For me, that song is “I Lived” by OneRepublic [goosebumps, every time…]. This song makes me feel invincible ++ go out + change the world! This morning — kind you not — that song came on the radio at 6 AM + you better believe I belted it like a girl singing karaoke on her birthday solo. Realizing that I looked crazy singing to myself — at 6AM! — I started laughing//smiling + kept on going! My mood was instantly boosted + I was suddenly wide away! What’s your song that makes you feel empowered? Play that song on your way to the gym + belt it out baby!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Planning an awesome breakfast to make when you finish your workout will give you that much more to look forward to + with good food in your belly you’re bound to have an awesome day! Try one of are awesome breakfast recipes like Blueberry Egg Hash or Cinnamon Vanilla Pear Oatmeal.

#8] SAY, *I WILL*

We all know from setting our FitGoals when setting a goal it’s better to say *I WILL* rather than *I’LL TRY.* When you set a goal + say “I’ll try,” you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure — you’re selling yourself short from the start//giving yourself leeway to fail. BUT, saying I WILL gives you no excuse not to accomplish it. You know what you can do + you know what you WILL do — now go out there + accomplish it!

See ya bright + early tomorrow AM ; )

xox, Morgan [@morgsimp_inchaarg], LSU CHAARG

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