8 Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

Despite the cold, there are still *plenty* of reasons to get outside — ice skating, skiing, + bundling up to run are ways to enjoy the world around you during the winter months. But even if you bundle up + pack on the layers, going outside during the winter can take its toll on your skin.

Maintaining a consistent hygiene + moisturizing routine for your skin is important year-round. I try not to skimp on my skincare products when possible, but taking care of you skin isn’t only about what you put on it. What goes inside your body can have a big impact not only on your general health + wellness, but your skin’s as well! Check out a few of our fave #EEEEEATS for healthy + happy skin [for more superfoods to make you glow inside + out, check out this list!].


Berries are stocked full of antioxidants that help your skin naturally repair damage + help it look more youthful. While they might not be *in season* right now, stock up on frozen veggies for your smoothies, just make sure they’re not loaded with added sugars.


Peppermint can help ward off stress-induced breakouts [I’m lookin’ at you, finals week] by allowing you to calm down + detox the stress from your life. Now I’m not talking about your holiday peppermint barks + candy canes — they’re yummy, but they *miiight* contradict what you’re going for here. Instead, get your peppermint through teas. You’ll satisfy the cozy, minty taste of the season + you can avoid the added sugars from candies.


Like berries, garlic is full of antioxidants, but it also contains a chemical called allicin, which helps fight bacteria that can lead to acne + other skin irritants. These pack a powerful punch in keeping your skin clear + your pores breathing, so if you weren’t already, go ahead + load your veggies // meats with garlic [but don’t forget a breath mint ; )].


Because kale is so vitamin-rich, it’s an efficient + natural way to cover multiple nutrients in one go — especially if you pack it into a smoothie. Vitamins A, C, + E, which are found in kale, help protect the skin from sun + other damaging factors that can leave your skin feeling tired + not looking its best.


Diets that are full of processed sugars can have many negative impacts on your health + appearance, + your skin is *definitely* affected by this. Whole grains + brown rice are more nutrient-rich than their processed counterparts, + your body processes them slower, giving you energy throughout the day + keeping your sugar levels in-check + steady.


Aside from being all-around delish, avocado is rich with vitamins C + E that help protect + repair skin. The oils in avocado also promote collagen production + can help your skin stay moisturized. As if we needed another excuse to go for guac or avocado toast ; )


Fish that are rich in fatty acids like omega-3s, like salmon, help your skin retain moisture + keeps you looking fresh.


Okay so I know that water isn’t *technically* a food, but staying hydrated is critical for many aspects of life, including keeping your skin looking + feeling its best. Drinking enough water each day helps ensure that toxins are being flushed from your body + keeps your body working as it should, ensuring our cells are doing they’re job to keep you feeling + looking fresh : )

What are your favorite ways to keep your skin happy during the winter months? Share with us on Instagram + tag #inCHAARG.

+Ali [@ali.inchaarg], virtCHAARG girl from Philly

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