7 Ways To Meditate

Meditation is a habitual practice to help train your mind or redirect your thoughts — helping to alleviate stress//anxiety//depression or simply increasing your awareness + concentration. There are so many benefits of meditation, it’s worth it to keep an open mind about the practice. While the traditional idea of meditation may be unappealing to some, there are many different methods to help you reach a Zen state of being — allowing you to reap the same benefits without having to sit Indian style with your palms on your knees in complete silence for hours on end.

If meditating on your own is difficult, guided meditation may be a better option for you. There are so many guided meditation apps you can download on your phone to listen to any time you need help calming down or focusing on something. A few good ones are Headspace + Insight Timer. With customizable timers + thousands of different themed guided sessions to choose from, you’re bound to find something that works for you here.

For those who absolutely cannot stay still for extended periods of time, yoga [specifically, kundalini yoga] is a wonderful way to fall into a meditative flow + reap the benefits of traditional meditation, but instead through mindful movement.

Intentional movement + focused breathing with guided mantras really makes for a whole mind, body, + spirit experience like no other. Yoga can improve mental health + increase energy levels//physical strength — while reducing chronic pain as well. You can do yoga on your own at home or join a class, regardless, you’re going to feel a rush of warmth//calmness afterwards, especially from your moments in Shavasana.

Sound has been utilized by various cultures for thousands of years as a means of healing. Music has always had a sort of a magical effect on humans — it’s a universal language. In sound healing, it is the intentional frequencies + rhythms that help people fall into a meditative state. A sound healing treatment is both a passive + participatory experience as you lay down + breathe to the sounds, ++ in this stillness you allow yourself to become more open + aware of each sound.

Journaling is a great way to give yourself a safe space to concentrate on your thoughts//emotions, focus on your goals, assess personal progress, + simply let anything out that no longer serves you. Pen + paper is the simplest way to meditate on a single thought or mantra if need be.

If this is within your budget, it might be worth it to try it out. This experience is quite unique in that you’re basically floating in a huge saltwater bath [sensory deprivation chamber] for upwards of 90 minutes. Float therapy, as they call it, is a powerful tool for muscle recovery, deepened sleep, + mental clarity. In addition, people have found that floating helps them yield powerful insights + self-awareness — both similar goals to meditation.

Again, if this option is within budget, it might be worth it to treat yourself to a massage every once in a while! You can enjoy similar short-term benefits from a massage as from yoga//meditation, although long-term habitual practices are much more sustainable//enduring. From a single 1-hr deep tissue massage you can experience stress relief, reduced anxiety, reduced muscle tension//pain, enhanced exercise performance, improved balance, better sleep, improved overall health, + a sense of overall relaxation. Ah-mazing!

Adult coloring books are such a wonderful invention. There’s nothing like putting on your favorite music + coloring in stress-relieving patterns to help calm you down. Whether you truly need help with anxiety//depression or simply want to unwind before bed, picking up an adult coloring book is the way to go, even if you already meditate + do yoga as well! There are plenty of different themes to choose from [ocean, animals, flowers], so it’s easy to find something that makes you happy to reach your Zen place.

With all these options in mind, go find your Zen fit! A positive mood//outlook, self-discipline, + healthy sleep patterns are things we could all benefit from having a little more of. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these + how you liked them!

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