7 All-Natural Highlighters For An Instant *Glow*

Contouring + highlighting are some of the most popular makeup trends right now because who wouldn’t want to add a little *glow* to their look? CHAARG likes to keep it au naturale, so here’s how we keep our cheekbones shinin’ — the 100% natural way ; )


Being a #sweatchaser might not solve all of our problems, but it will keep you glowing. Exercise actually improves blood + oxygen flow to skin cells. Sweating is the natural way to eliminate any toxins built up under the skin. Not to mention, sweat is sparkle : ) Whether it’s running, your fave boot camp, or hot yoga, sweating is one of the best natural highlighters.


The reasons to eat a balanced diet are endless, but it’s easy to forget with such a focus on getting the right amount of carbs, protein, + fat. Think about the sources of food you’re eating — are they all-natural like you? Consider all the micronutrients like vitamins that keep your face naturally gleaming. We love to mix our faves in a smoothie or smoothie bowl.


Half of your skin consists of water. Think about how much you sweat + use the restroom in a day — are you hydrating your body enough?! Trying the gallon challenge can do so much for your energy, your appetite, + of course, your skin. If your skin is still dry no matter what moisturizers you’ve tried, you may need to be drinking more water. If your body isn’t sufficiently hydrated, it will also *conserve* water, leading to bloat + puffiness — nah thank you!


No makeup — no problems! Chemicals in makeup can actually dry out skin, + even natural products can clog pores. Without makeup, you won’t feel like you’re hiding anything + over time will become more confident in your own skin. Let your natural beauty radiate from the inside out!


Getting enough sleep is important for your health + overall sanity, but it also helps keep the skin fresh + rejuvenated. Instead of trying OTC cures for puffy eyes + skin, take a week of sleeping 7-9 hours a night + you’ll see better results than any makeup could ever conceal.


Ya know when your smile lingers throughout the day after a good belly laugh because you can’t stop thinking about how funny something is? Laughing is a great way to bring out your inner shine + add some pep in your step. Laughing wakes up your mind + body [sometimes with a little core crunch!] + keeps you feeling fresh ta def!


No one can deny that a little flirting is the best instant confidence boost. We may not be thirty, but we can be flirty + thriving! Whether it’s the cutie next to you at the gym or someone in front of you at Starbs, flirting is a fun way to embrace your inner goddess + make someone else’s day, too.

People say that the happiest girls are the prettiest. If you’re feelin’ good on the inside, those positive vibes are going to radiate, leaving you looking gawgeous, dahling! : )

+ Mary [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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