6 Ways To Motivate Yourself During The *Midway Slump* Of A New Fitness Routine

We’ve all been there — you begin a new program at the start of the new year + despite going all in, you find yourself slipping after a few weeks.

It’s easy to start strong + be excited when we start something *new*, but as soon as life begins to get in the way, it becomes more of a struggle to maintain that excitement. When we’re balancing work//school [or both!], a social life, + everything else that pops up along the way, finding time to prioritize healthy living + a fitness routine can be hard.

Finding motivation when life starts to feel like it’s moving faster than we can keep up with can be difficult, especially when your schedule makes it tough to find the time or the energy to stay #inCHAARG. But it’s not impossible — you just need to think outside the box!


We recommend picking up a good planner + using it to lay out your day so you can literally find time to devote to living healthily. Going into your day knowing exactly where you need to be // when you’re going to be there helps you stay organized + on top of yo’ game. Yes, your schedule can change + throw this off, but failing to plan is planning to fail, right? Right ; )


When someone else is relying on you to get them moving, it’s harder to flake because you’re discouraging someone else’s motivation [as well as your own]. Together, you can push each other out of your comfort zone + feed off each other’s energy when you need a little extra boost yourself.


Seeing the results + progress you work so hard to reach can take time, + if you’re someone that thrives off of a *tangible* reward, it can be easy to lose interest over time without that somewhat-instant gratification. If that happens, why not bring out a little *material* motivation? Giving yourself a reward to work towards — be it a shopping trip, a little relaxation with a mani//pedi, or even an *indulgent* treat — allows you to honor + celebrate the work you’re putting in along the way. ++ Trust us, you deserve it : )


When your attitude is down, it can be difficult to pick yourself up + pull motivation from within. In cases like that, turn to an outside motivator whose words can pull you out of your rut + get your mind on a more positive + productive path. Not sure where to start? We have a few suggestions ; )


If you aren’t active on Instagram + don’t have an #inCHAARG account, this is why we always recommend being a part of this side of the community. Checking in with other CHAARG girls after a great #SweatSesh, a yummy healthy meal, or even a rough // *off-track* day along with reading stories from your fellow CHAARGies can help you fuel your energy + capture a little bit of somebody else’s spark ; ). It’s intimidating to put yourself out there + get a little vulnerable at first, but this community is ALWAYS here to lift you up!


When you’re starting fresh, it’s easy set your dreams + goals high. While we don’t want to *discourage* setting big goals for yourself, it’s very important to be practical about the way + the pace that you’ll achieve these goals. Don’t be afraid to start small — like aiming for 20 minutes of *some* form of physical activity each day, ++ build from there. Remember, success + results don’t happen overnight.


Patience isn’t always easy, but it’s a major key in keeping your motivation strong — it WILL pay off over time, but don’t forget about the journey.

Ali [@ali.inchaarg], virtCHAARG girl from Philly

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