6 Ways To Love Yourself Like You Love Your BFF

We’ve all heard it before — love yourself the way you would love your best friend. Still, sometimes we feel selfish if we love ourselves too much. How silly is that?! There’s no way you could love your best friend too much, ++ it’s not self-centered to practice self-compassion and care.

It takes intentional effort to slowly yet surely love yourself, but trust these 7 ways to love yourself the way you deserve.


You are enough just the way you are. If you stop apologizing for taking up space + sound, you can slowly accept yourself, imperfections + all. Your best friend may stumble over her words sometimes + may not have the body of a supermodel, but does that mean you love her any less? Of course not! That’s just how she is, which gives her uniqueness to being her. You are an individual + no one can take away your you-ness.


When your best friend tries on an outfit she saw on Pinterest, feeling super unsure of herself, you wouldn’t insult her by any means. You would tell her she looks like the rockstar she is — the same as you should affirm yourself. No one can copy you, so don’t bother trying to copy others. If you find yourself judging others or comparing, ask yourself how this is benefitting you. Are you trying to beat yourself down? Would you want others to think that way about you? Absolutely not! Treat all girls + guys with admiration for their individual traits + you will soon find yourself loving the little things about you.


You know when your best friend wants to talk to that guy you know is bad for her, so you set boundaries for her? The same actions apply towards loving yourself. We’re smart girls + can predict the outcomes of poor decisions. Be self-aware + know what is actually best for you. Know when to say no to others + say yes to yourself.


Quality time is important to maintain any relationship, so you should definitely have quality time with yourself. Whether it’s doing your favorite hobby, taking a night to relax, or #treatingyoself, prioritize time on your planner to spend with yourself. Try not to feel guilty about what else you *could* be doing with your me-time — it’s yours + only yours, which is worth loving.


It’s easy to forget to vocalize your appreciation for loved ones in your life, so it’s even easier to forget it regarding yourself. Compliment yourself + be grateful for you being you. Reflect every day on your journey, focusing on progress, not perfection. Be easy on yourself + be thankful for your life + everyone in it. You are awesome + you deserve recognition, even from yourself.


Your best friend always knows best, even if she makes mistakes, so why don’t we always have the same confidence in ourselves? Everyone has **oops** moments, but there are only lessons to be learned + you always end up stronger. Whenever you feel the nerves creep up, take a deep breath, remind yourself that **you got dis,** ++ trust yourself.

Narcissism is real + possible, but loving yourself is so rare that promoting self-compassion is so important for mental health. You can only go so long loving others without loving yourself. Your mind + body work together as one, so you have to learn to love yourself as a whole before you can truly love all those around you.

+Mary Kesinger [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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