6 Tips To Train Your Mind To Love Your Body Again

Each human body is beautiful, unique + has the ability to achieve more than anyone could ever imagine. In our society women have achieved mind blowing accomplishments! Take Gabrielle Bernstein, for example. She made the choice to change her own life as she spiraled out of control — becoming engulfed in the New York nightlife scene + eventually hitting rock bottom by the age of 25. Gabby now tours the nation sharing//embracing her strengths by empowering, inspiring + connecting women from variety of backgrounds with her lectures. She is one of a kind, but her success did not come easy — through her battle with drugs, alcohol + self-worth Gabby had to train herself on how to love her body + mind again.

If you too are battling an internal struggle to love + embrace every part of your uniqueness, know you are not alone. We allow this social norm of negative self-talk to dictate how we dress, behave + pursue certain goals. The behavior of *I don’t like X about my body* is so common we don’t realize how incredibly damaging it is to ourselves. The problem is not your body. The real problem here is how the brain translates what it sees + how you//society have trained it to see you! Like Gabby Bernstein, YOU have the ability to train your mind to love your body again — here are 6 tips on how to make it happen. 


When looking at yourself in the mirror direct your gaze to the things you love about yourself. Say compliments about your favorite qualities out loud — try to imagine how others might admire those qualities too.


View your entire body as a whole when deciding what you would like to change or make your #FitGoal. You are more than a ton of body parts put together. You are a whole, beautiful, unique person + you deserve to be viewed as such.


Are you finding yourself slipping back into your negative habits? You probably will at some point. But it’s up to you to make the choice — will you slip back into your negative habits for good, or will you choose a new path for your mind + body?


Crush finals week, make progress in the gym that you never thought imaginable, take up a new unique hobby that you are surprisingly great at. Focus on your strengths + what you can do, rather than focusing on your physical appearance. This is crucial to boosting your confidence!


Each + every CHAARG girl brings a unique beauty + set of strengths to the community, but this certainly does not take away from what you personally bring to the group! Everyone has their own gifts to offer the world — you wouldn’t compare guacamole to salsa. They each bring their own unique deliciousness to the table. ; )


Even those *perfect + beautiful* girls you see on campus or on Insta have their own emotional roller coaster of struggles, distorted self-perceptions + insecurities. It might be strange to imagine these girls as having similar struggles//insecurities as you, but maybe your internal battles seem silly to girls who view you as their *perfect + beautiful* role model [because you are!] : ).

Start fresh by forgiving yourself for any + all negative vibes you’ve had toward yourself up until this point in time. Giving yourself a clean slate + clear mind is the easiest way to create new #PositiveVibes toward yourself. You are not alone on this journey to learning to love your body again. The CHAARG community, whether it’s the virtual community, the chapter at your university or the #inCHAARG Insta community, is a support system to help you realize what an incredible + unique individual you are.

We are here to help you embrace + move on from any past negative vibes ++ fall in love with your present + future! Reach out to fellow CHAARGies on Insta, in your private Facebook groups, or even in a direct message — you are guaranteed to have at least 5-10 responses from this community of thousands of CHAARG girls, ++ some will definitely relate to what you’re going through! Having a #FitFriend will help you immensely in training your brain to see your uniqueness. As Cameron Diaz said in The Body Book You will be the most beautiful + healthy + confident woman that you can be, + you deserve that, because YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU HAVE EVER IMAGINED.”

++Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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  • Allie Diltz

    Thank you so so much for this post! Since I moved away to college I have really been struggling. I love to run + suffered a knee injury in January and that got me really down. I felt like I wasn’t working out hard enough + I was trying to cut calories left + right. Then I discovered Pop Pilates and Cassey really started to help me regain confidence in loving my body. I never had much trouble with this so it was hard to get into a new routine with no running. But the knee is healed just in time for this wonderful weather:)

    I am also ALWAYS self conscious about my stomach. I know I don’t need to lose weight but having rock hard abs has always been my goal. Because of CHAARG and all the amazing support the org beings I am now discovering I DON’T NEED A 6 PACK TO BE HAPPY. Although I won’t give up on that goal I am coming to realize it isn’t everything. I am fed gonna start doing all the things on this list but I think #1 is def the most important for me right now.

    Thanks again for this awesome post:)

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