6 Superfoods For The Girl #inCHAARG Of Her Budget


In a world dominated by processed + unhealthy fast food that is both easily accessible + affordable, it can be difficult to eat well — especially when the healthiest options + wholesome *superfoods*  are expensive + hard to find. While *superfoods* like goji berries, hemp seeds + acai can be pricey, there are still a slew of superfoods for CHAARG girls ballin’ on a budget [*raises hand*].

The trick to finding affordable + delicious superfoods is as easy as redefining what a superfood is — a food that is nutrient rich. Often times, trendy + admittedly very strange foods [what are macha and lucuma, anyway?] take the *superfood spotlight,* when in reality the produce section of your local grocery story boasts incredible superfoods in every aisle. Try these delicious, nutritious + *affordable* superfoods — all easy to find at your favorite grocery store.


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries — these are all superfoods. They are bursting with nutrients + antioxidants, as well as phytonutrients that may prevent aging, cardiovascular disease + some forms of cancer. Grab a handful of your favorite berry [or mix ‘em up!] for a snack or add them to your salad to incorporate more berries into your diet + stay on budget.


A superfood you can add to a salad or saute + eat over your favorite chicken dish — purple cabbage is high in vitamins A, C + K, as well as magnesium, potassium + fiber. ++ the antioxidant boost you’ll receive from a serving of purple cabbage will leave you as happy as your wallet. ; )


You know that saying *big things come in small packages?* Welp, pumpkin seeds are taking the reigns on that one. The little seeds of *happiness* boast magnesium for heart health, immunity boosting zinc, antioxidants, fiber + protein — not to mention they are also delish. An added benefit, pumpkin seeds don’t need to be refrigerated — so you can take them on-the-go for a snack anytime + anywhere.


Rather popular in the *superfood* world, nutritionists have been debating the benefits of kale versus spinach for years. Regardless of which side you stand on, the truth is that both leafy greens are superfoods in their own right ++ they won’t break the bank. Spinach is low-cal with a healthy dose of fiber, iron + magnesium. Kale is packed with calcium + protein ++ is even more impressive in its vitamin resume —  vitamins A, C + K abound in a serving of kale.


Grab your favorite pack of mints because *garlic* is taking a seat at the superfood table. Garlic is high in vitamin C + B6 ++ manganese, which promotes heart health [+ happiness]. It may make your breath smell bad, but the antioxidant boost you’ll get from a clove of this affordable superfood will leave you adding it to every meal you make.


A superfood for *health + beauty,* lemons are an affordable + accessible food that will leave you, your skin + your insides smiling. The juice from an entire lemon is only about 12 calories, but that 12 calories constitutes nearly a third of the daily recommended value of vitamin C. Lemons are also associated with leaving your liver functioning at its best. The liver detoxifies the body ++ lemon [as part of a balanced diet] aids in detoxifying the liver. Treating your liver will result in glowing skin, better immunity + higher energy levels.

Eating healthy should not + doesn’t have to break the bank. Eating well means eating wholesome + natural foods — all of which are *superfoods.* So if a jar of $25 raw organic almond butter doesn’t fit into your #girlboss budget [*raises hand*], a trip to the grocery store can still result in a cart filled with *superfoods* that are affordable + delicious.

++ Briana [@brianam_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Orlando

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